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Watch our brand new video series “How to speed up your computer“. This set of 7 videos that we have created for you will teach you how to optimize your windows computer.  You can drastically speed up your computer just by following a few of the tweaks in these videos.  They are absolutely free for PC911 users.

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41 New Windows Tune Up Videos Released!

We have finished up our 41 video course showing you how to do some common tasks in windows.  Have a look, you can learn how to uninstall programs from your computer, create separate user accounts in windows, backup your pc to a cd, use remote assistance and a lot more.

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Our how to section covers a range of guides on the Windows operating system, various hardware and software, internet tasks, troubleshooting and miscellaneous other PC related tasks including protecting yourself online, upgrading your PC, setting up wired and wireless networks etc.

Don’t we all love something for free? Finding the best freeware takes time and effort. And, very often, Free Downloads come with a sting in the tail. So, we’ve done the work for you with the best in graphics, network, system, security, internet and fun programs.

Whether it’s fixing or customising Windows, getting more performance from your PC or you just getting a list of the Windows CAB files our Tips and Tweaks section is a must visit.

We’ve also put together reviews of some choice hardware and software and looked at which PC related sites are worth visiting. Items reviewed range from power supplies to cases to PCs to utility programs.


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