Reimage Discount and Reimage Coupon Code

Have you been searching for a Reimage Discount or Reimage Coupon Code online with no luck? You have just landed in the right spot.

For a very limited time PC911 has been given the authority to give its users a 75% discount on Reimage PC Repair. This is not available anywhere else. I know you hear that all the time but this is real.

In order to get the Reimage Discount just click on this link.

In order to get the Reimage Coupon code or Reimage Discount you need to buy 20 licenses at one time. This will likely cover your personal use and almost all your family computer problems easily for a long time to come.

Reimage has repaired hundreds of thousands of computers over the years and continues to lead the pc repair industry.

Some people would think that I am exaggerating but it is true that every time I get a request from a friend of family member to work on their computer I send them to download the Reimage repair tool and run it. This literally saves me a ton of time and fixes over 90% of the issues they get.

Do you have a PC that is frustrating you? This is not some program that is going to scan and supposedly fix it in 20 seconds. Reimage will take about an hour or maybe a little longer depending on what all it needs to repair on your computer.

I have had it fix very strange Windows issues that I thought would need a full reinstall but Reimage actually replaces Windows files if needed to restore a PC to working like it is supposed to. If you have never tried it I highly recommend you jump on this multi license pack and you will be amazed at the power and the value.

In order to get the Reimage Coupon just click on this link.

I am not sure how long we will be able to keep this Reimage Discount and Reimage Coupon live so if you want to grab 20 licenses for a great deal you need to jump on this now.

Offline Marketing Strategies

I’m sure you have heard of Offline Marketing where you sell SEO and website services to local businesses. This is an awesome business model and many people are doing it with success.

Now you can also sell App to local businesses that work on iPhone and Android phones and your customers can include their menus, photos, videos, GPS directions and more. You can build these Apps and keep 100% of what you charge the business for the App.

Download Offline Marketing Secrets

It’s a short read, only about 14 pages or so but you will love it!

Now you can sell Apps to local businesses and Instant App Wizard makes it where you can keep 100% of your sales on the Apps.   If you have an Offline marketing business and you are already selling web services to local businesses your customers are going to fall over themselves to get their own App from you.

Here is a cold call script for calling up local businesses and selling them an App on the phone.

The Cold Call:

Using the Cold call script, call local area businesses and ask them if they have a mobile web app and offer to build them a sample to show them what it will look like. Most businesses will be excited to see what the app will look like and this also
creates the opportunity to create a positive relationship and they will be looking forward to your next call to see their App in action.

Cold Call Script:

Hi, my name is Bob Parks. I was calling to find out if you had a mobile web app for your company that I could use on my smart phone.

Joe at Joes Restaurant:

Have you thought about getting a mobile web app for your business that would allow
you to engage your customers in a whole new way, at the same time generating more
sales volume?

Joe at Joes Restaurant:

What percentage of your customers would you guess have cell phones?

Joe at Joes Restaurant:
Well, I would imagine it would be close to 90%

Great! By having a Mobile Web App, you have the ability to engage your customers by giving them the ability to easily access your products and services on their mobile devices. In addition, with our text marketing platform, you have the ability to broadcast weekly coupons or specials and promotions to a willing audience that has requested VIP offers and promotions from you.

Our platform will also allow you to simultaneously take the same coupon, promotion or special offer and post it on Twitter, Facebook, email, and text to all the phones with a 6 Reseller Program | How to Sell Apps to a local business quick click of a button. The process from logging in to sending messages to the different places and devices literally takes about 4 minutes. To Ensure that you maximize the amount of customers signing up to your offer, we will work with you and provide you with table tents of signs to place thru out your store allowing your customers to sign up in several ways.

One way is for the customer to scan the QR code on your table tent or sign. Another way is to text a key word such as “signup”or “joes” to a pre assigned phone number directed to your account and the customer receives the link to your Mobile Web APP. You can also use the QR Codes and key words to sign up on your other print media such as Coupon Books, Flyers, Newspapers, periodical or anything in print. This is also a great way to track the effectiveness of any given advertising campaign and leverage your efforts. If you’d like I can send a demo link to your smart phone to watch a sample of what I’m talking about. What is your cell number and I’ll text you a sample right now?

Joe at Joes Restaurant:
How much does it cost?

Our initial setup is $199.00 and then $99.00 a month which covers our texting service up to 3000 text per month.

If you would like I can have our team get a mockup of your Mobile Web App and have it ready in the morning for your review at absolutely no cost or obligation to you. I think you will see how robust and valuable having your own Mobile Web App can be.  Also I failed to mention that your Mobile Web App automatically creates a mobile website. Google has been known to give preference or higher ranking that is, to sites that are mobile ready. When individuals search for a local business on a mobile device, your name comes up quickly. We simply give you a small string of code that your
webmaster puts on your site and it will detect a mobile device, redirect them to the mobile web app and offer them a choice to install your mobile web app on their smart phone.

Would you like me to have a team start on a mockup today and have it ready for you in the morning?

Joe at Joes Restaurant:
Yes let’s do that.

Checkout the Instant App Wizard Reseller Program today, We hope you enjoy these offline marketing strategies.

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Mobile app builder

Have you ever wanted to build an iphone app or build an android app but got frustrated because it was expensive and was going to take forever? Now you can easily build an app for any restaurant, church, hair stylist, or any other business very quickly. You can learn more about the Tier1Apps mobile app reseller program at their website.

You will be able to text everyone who has your app installed.  They can insert their entire menu or other data and use our marketing platform to printout table tops that already have their QR codes on them and short codes to install their app.  Servers can offer a free appetizer or discount to install the app to build up the base.

Tier 1 Apps is a brand new service and will help any business quickly get an app up and going that works on both Iphone and Android phones.  Imagine being able to text all of your customers by logging into our site and typing one quick message.  It will instantly get texted to all of your customers (95% of texts are opened in less than 10 minutes), it will also be emailed to all the email addresses in your database, it will also be instantly posted to your Facebook wall and your Twitter feed.  This will save a ton of time.  Go to their site and contact them for more information.

How to Backup Computer files to disc or external drive

How to backup your computer

Computer technology is a wonderful thing until the day that you lose all your files and you do not have a back up. You might think that this scenario may never happen to you, but it only takes your PC to overheat or a Trojan to stop normal functioning of your machine to totally destroy sometimes years of files and documents. Thankfully learning how to backup computer files to disc or external drive is easy, even for the computer novice.

As much as you may take your computer granted, you need to be vigilant with your important documents, as you just never know when the day you go to turn your laptop on and nothing happens will arise. If however you periodically back up your system, either onto CDs, DVDs or and external USB memory port, then if the day arises when your PC fails you, you will not have lost all your important data.

These days an external hard drive that plugs into your PC via an external USB port is by far the most popular way of backing up your files, CDs being rather impractical as apart from the expensive versions they cannot be rewritten and you will also need multiple discs in order to store all your files. DVDs are a good alternative if you do not own a backup drive, although they can become misplaced or even scratched.

To back up computer files to an external drive or discs is actually remarkably easy and whether you have Windows or Mac running on your machine, it takes only minutes to get started. Firstly make sure you have enough discs to make the back up or preferably an external drive of twice the memory capacity you have stored in files on your PC.

As soon as you plug in an external drive to your PC via a USB port, your machine will recognise the external drive. Your PC will actually ask you if you wish to use the drive you have plugged in to back up your files and data; if you are not asked this question, simply type backup into the dialog box and select back up and restore.

If you manually chose the drive to where you will make the back up, then you can select either your external drive “E”, or alternatively “D” for DVDs or CDs. After selecting the appropriate drive, simply hit next. Do not change any of the default settings when you are prompted, and simply move onto the next screen.

Your PC will guide you through all the stages of creating your backup and it really could not be any easier. Each screen will give you step by step instructions that will allow even the total novice to complete the task with no foreseeable problems or hiccups. If you are happy with how your PC is performing, resist the temptation to tweak the default setting for Windows or Mac; it is totally unnecessary.

Once you are guided through to the last screen, you simply need to hit the button for saving settings and create backup. Windows will make its first backup of your drive, and can be programmed to periodically make new backups also. During the backup process it is important that you do not turn your machine off, and best that you do touch or use your PC until it is finished.

If you are tuning your PC on Mac or Linux, then the process for backup is remarkably similar and just as easy to complete. Once again, when you plug in your external drive you will generally be asked if you wish to use it to make a back up; if not, simply type in backup and restore and manually chose the drive and follow the step by step instructions given.

If you lose files in the future, retrieving them from your backup could not be any simpler; just type backup and restore in the dialog box and click on “restore my files”. Having a back up of all your important files is crucial, not just for businesses but for all home PCs; it is not until you lose your files that you realize just how many you had stored on your machine. Learning how to backup computer files really is that easy, so you never have an excuse to lose a file ever again.

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Mac Data Recovery Made Easy

Recover your lost data on corrupted, damaged, or deleted Mac volumes with this new Macintosh Data Recovery Software.

Finally for all you Mac users out there we can recommend a solution to recovering any lost data and you can easily recover from your hard drive or your iPod.  This is the most complete solution and the safest for recovering your data on a Mac.

Download Macintosh Data Recovery Software

Do you ever have any of these problems with your Macintosh computer?

  • Have a flashing question mark on startup?
  • Accidentally delete some pictures or other data?
  • Got error messages? Disk is damaged or do you want to initialize?
  • Seen the -127 error disk could not used/found error?

Download Macintosh Data Recovery Software and recover your lost data.

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Speedup Windows 7 – Free PDF

Windows 7 was developed with speed in mind. With optimum speed and top performance as the core of this new operating system, it instantly replaces its predecessors for both home and professional users as the fastest system ever introduced by Microsoft.

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However, as with every new operating system there is always room for improvement, and if you’re more interested in peak performance over visual elements, you can easily further increase the speed and overall performance of your system with just a few simple adjustments. In addition, you can increase your system’s response rate, improve usability, and get more out of your new Windows 7 system just by completing a series of easy steps, all designed to maximize your speed and load times, while improving your system components.

The “How To Speed Up Windows 7” special report will show you how to get started in just a few easy steps.

Minimizing Visual Effects For Increased Speed

Visual effects such as animations, menu element shifts (such as fading or sliding) can provide a great experience for the end user, but tend to require additional memory and space, slowing down your computers ability to function at its peak performance.

If visual effects aren’t important to you, you can easily re-configure your system to use less memory by turning off unimportant visual components, or disable them completely. To begin, click on your Control Panel icon to load this space, and enter into the “System and Security” menu.

To finish learning how to Speedup Windows 7 just download our brand new PDF, How to speedup Windows 7.

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Lost windows password? Create a password reset disk

If you lose your password in Windows there is an easy way you can change it as long as you run this wizard to create a password reset disk.

Windows Vista & Windows 7 Users:

1. Click on the blue windows button on the bottom left and go to your control panel, then you need to double-click on User Accounts and then you will click one more time on your name.
2. Click “Create a Password Reset Disk” on the left menu.
3. Then just click on the Next button and follow the directions.

Windows XP Users:

1. You need to go to Start/Control Panel/User Accounts/ Your username.
2. Beneath the related tasks on the left you need to click “Prevent a forgotten password”.
3. Then follow the directions.

Now you will have a disk that has your password encrypted onto it.  Keep this disk in a safe place and if you ever forget your password to your computer you can just run this disk to instantly gain access. So if you have lost your windows password, just follow these directions to create your password reset disk.

Who else wants to save on printer ink?

Printer ink is just way to expensive these days to buy in the store.  If you go to the store and buy ink it could literally cost you more than a new printer would cost.  I know that is insane but it is true.

The last few months I have been ordering my ink refills for the office and home from this website.

They have ink refills for just about any printer ever made.  My last order I found an XL version of my refills which is supposed to have twice as much ink as standard refills and only cost 4$ more than the normal cartridges that I buy.

I have been using these XL printer ink refills for almost a month now so I do seem to be getting better printer mileage.  Several of my family members and I pooled together and ordered all our ink and used the 15% coupon they have right now, on top of the much lower than store price they already have.

Any of our users who are looking to save close to half what they are paying for ink refills in the store just click here and see if they have the right refills for your printer.


New Facebook Changes

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Here is a funny little photo demonstrating the new Facebook changes.  It seems people get really enraged about changes to this free to use website.  I don’t know how realistic it is to revolt like this about changes to the way a feed is organized but this picture is very funny anyway.

We found this on Mashable and really thought it was funny. If people became this enraged about government policy and political issues I think we could really invoke some positive change.

Do you like the new changes on Facebook or not?  Leave us a comment below.

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How to backup hard drive

For those that work with sensitive data it is mandatory that they will think about backing up their data sooner or later. This is something that should be done by anyone that feels the need for more security over the data that they are working with. The problem is that there are not too many people out there that will take this seriously and many of them actually think that something like this will never get to happen to them.

Backup Your Computer for FREE!

If you are someone that thinks the same way, then I think it is time to wake up and realize that you could be next. In this article, we will try to underline some of the ways through which you will be able to keep your data safe by learning how to backup hard drive.

First of all if you are someone that is using Windows XP, you should not that there is a special utility that you can make use of in order to back your data using your CD-Writer. After doing so, you will need to locate X: VALEADDMSFTNTBACKUP, where “X” is the drive letter of your CD-Writer. As such, proceed on and find the file called NT Backup.msi.

After you will have the utility installed, you will realize that it was installed in the group called system tools. After that, just locate it and click “Backup”. A wizard will start and you will be guided through this process and be informed with the steps that you have to take. After that, you will see that Windows will create a backup of all of the data that is on your HDD and will have a recovery disk created for booting purposes.

Backup Your Computer for FREE!

They are very good ways of saving your entire drive’s info and in case of something will go wrong, you will be able to get your data back easily.

Of course, if you don’t want to deal with such processes, then you could easily buy a new hard drive, an external one and have all of your data stored on it. Whenever you will want to update it with new data, the software the external HDD comes with will compare the files you have on the external unit and the ones on the internal HDD and copy only those that are not present in the external drive. It’s a smart way of saving time. There are also methods through which you can have all of your data saved on different servers on the internet. This will ensure the fact that if your hard drive is physically damaged, you will still be able to get your data back without any worries. The advantage is that with an online backup service, you can always access your information and change it as per your preferences.

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