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How to Backup Computer files to disc or external drive

Computer technology is a wonderful thing until the day that you lose all your files and you do not have a back up. You might think that this scenario may never happen to you, but it only takes your PC to overheat or a Trojan to stop normal functioning of your machine to totally destroy […]

Cyber Monday Deals

We have put together a list of the best cyber Monday deals on the web that we think you will love.  They are listed in no particular order.  Everything listed on this page is an amazing deal. Half Price WebHosting! Ends at Midnight! Up to 70% Off Printer Ink Refills 40% Off Membership at PhotoshopSecret.com […]

Mac Data Recovery Made Easy

Recover your lost data on corrupted, damaged, or deleted Mac volumes with this new Macintosh Data Recovery Software. Finally for all you Mac users out there we can recommend a solution to recovering any lost data and you can easily recover from your hard drive or your iPod.  This is the most complete solution and […]

Speedup Windows 7 – Free PDF

Windows 7 was developed with speed in mind. With optimum speed and top performance as the core of this new operating system, it instantly replaces its predecessors for both home and professional users as the fastest system ever introduced by Microsoft. [wdsm_ad id=”2745″ class=” aligncenter” ] However, as with every new operating system there is […]

Lost windows password? Create a password reset disk

If you lose your password in Windows there is an easy way you can change it as long as you run this wizard to create a password reset disk. Windows Vista & Windows 7 Users: 1. Click on the blue windows button on the bottom left and go to your control panel, then you need […]

Who else wants to save on printer ink?

Printer ink is just way to expensive these days to buy in the store.  If you go to the store and buy ink it could literally cost you more than a new printer would cost.  I know that is insane but it is true. The last few months I have been ordering my ink refills […]

New Facebook Changes

Here is a funny little photo demonstrating the new Facebook changes.  It seems people get really enraged about changes to this free to use website.  I don’t know how realistic it is to revolt like this about changes to the way a feed is organized but this picture is very funny anyway. We found this […]

How to backup hard drive

For those that work with sensitive data it is mandatory that they will think about backing up their data sooner or later. This is something that should be done by anyone that feels the need for more security over the data that they are working with. The problem is that there are not too many […]

How to perform computer maintenance

The computer is a device that make part of our daily life, we us it every day for several tasks, work, game, entertainment etc.  More than any other device computer need a good and continues maintenance, to keep it running well and fast, doing all the tasks we need. Actually there are several menaces that […]

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