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Offline Marketing Strategies

I’m sure you have heard of Offline Marketing where you sell SEO and website services to local businesses. This is an awesome business model and many people are doing it with success.

Now you can also sell App to local businesses that work on iPhone and Android phones and your customers can include their menus, photos, videos, GPS directions and more. You can build these Apps and keep 100% of what you charge the business for the App.

Download Offline Marketing Secrets

It’s a short read, only about 14 pages or so but you will love it!

Now you can sell Apps to local businesses and Instant App Wizard makes it where you can keep 100% of your sales on the Apps.   If you have an Offline marketing business and you are already selling web services to local businesses your customers are going to fall over themselves to get their own App from you.

Here is a cold call script for calling up local businesses and selling them an App on the phone.

The Cold Call:

Using the Cold call script, call local area businesses and ask them if they have a mobile web app and offer to build them a sample to show them what it will look like. Most businesses will be excited to see what the app will look like and this also
creates the opportunity to create a positive relationship and they will be looking forward to your next call to see their App in action.

Cold Call Script:

Hi, my name is Bob Parks. I was calling to find out if you had a mobile web app for your company that I could use on my smart phone.

Joe at Joes Restaurant:

Have you thought about getting a mobile web app for your business that would allow
you to engage your customers in a whole new way, at the same time generating more
sales volume?

Joe at Joes Restaurant:

What percentage of your customers would you guess have cell phones?

Joe at Joes Restaurant:
Well, I would imagine it would be close to 90%

Great! By having a Mobile Web App, you have the ability to engage your customers by giving them the ability to easily access your products and services on their mobile devices. In addition, with our text marketing platform, you have the ability to broadcast weekly coupons or specials and promotions to a willing audience that has requested VIP offers and promotions from you.

Our platform will also allow you to simultaneously take the same coupon, promotion or special offer and post it on Twitter, Facebook, email, and text to all the phones with a 6 InstantAppWizard.com Reseller Program | How to Sell Apps to a local business quick click of a button. The process from logging in to sending messages to the different places and devices literally takes about 4 minutes. To Ensure that you maximize the amount of customers signing up to your offer, we will work with you and provide you with table tents of signs to place thru out your store allowing your customers to sign up in several ways.

One way is for the customer to scan the QR code on your table tent or sign. Another way is to text a key word such as “signup”or “joes” to a pre assigned phone number directed to your account and the customer receives the link to your Mobile Web APP. You can also use the QR Codes and key words to sign up on your other print media such as Coupon Books, Flyers, Newspapers, periodical or anything in print. This is also a great way to track the effectiveness of any given advertising campaign and leverage your efforts. If you’d like I can send a demo link to your smart phone to watch a sample of what I’m talking about. What is your cell number and I’ll text you a sample right now?

Joe at Joes Restaurant:
How much does it cost?

Our initial setup is $199.00 and then $99.00 a month which covers our texting service up to 3000 text per month.

If you would like I can have our team get a mockup of your Mobile Web App and have it ready in the morning for your review at absolutely no cost or obligation to you. I think you will see how robust and valuable having your own Mobile Web App can be.  Also I failed to mention that your Mobile Web App automatically creates a mobile website. Google has been known to give preference or higher ranking that is, to sites that are mobile ready. When individuals search for a local business on a mobile device, your name comes up quickly. We simply give you a small string of code that your
webmaster puts on your site and it will detect a mobile device, redirect them to the mobile web app and offer them a choice to install your mobile web app on their smart phone.

Would you like me to have a team start on a mockup today and have it ready for you in the morning?

Joe at Joes Restaurant:
Yes let’s do that.

Checkout the Instant App Wizard Reseller Program today, We hope you enjoy these offline marketing strategies.

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