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Callwave Internet Answering Machine

Callwave is simply a must have product if you have dialup internet access. Try it once and you will not know how you ever lived without it. No kidding!

Voice mail to Pc, finally a viable solution. Now with CallWave you can get truly modern voice mail without changing your phone or phone number. CallWave gives a true interactive connection between your phone and your PC.

Download CallWave!

The solution features Vtxt which is a voice to text service with a web-based PhonePage portal that provides you with a permanent, search-able archive. Review all your messages through an easy access web portal. Whether you wish to listen to the original voice mail or prefer to review it in a text format.

Voice mail has never been easier or better equipped!

The CallWave solution includes:

Read it- Translates voice to text for quick review.

Hear it- review voice mail in the original voice format.

Respond to it- Respond to any message through your web portal by either calling or texting.

Organize it- Organize your voice mails. Archive any voice mail for later review. Use the search feature to locate any voice mail.

Callwave is available nationwide on any phone, any network!

Call wave also gives you caller id to decide whether or not you want to answer the calls coming in while you are online. Try the free trial now and you will see what I mean. I spent a lot of hours looking for the best solution for a close relative that lives in an area that only has dialup and call wave is truly the cream of the crop.

Download CallWave!