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How to clean a Mac computer

Do you want a clean Mac? Is your Mac computer running slow and taking forever to boot up these days? Do you have to delete things just to download files? Do streaming and watching videos pause and lag or make you wait several seconds to watch videos?

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Clean Up and Optimize Your Mac

First off, make sure that your software is up to date. If you are running old software then you are not taking advantage of all the bug fixes and updates that Apple has released to make your Mac run better and faster than ever.

Click on the Apple icon and then click the updates tab. Go ahead and install any updates that you find here including macOS updates, security updates etc.

Clean Out Storage Space

If you clean out your old apps and files that you no longer use you will reclaim quite a bit of storage space on your Mac. If you have a small hard drive this will be especially important.

You can download a tool like FreshMac to cleanup and optimize your Mac for you without any hassle.

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Get Rid Of Old Apps

Open your Applications folder and sort all of the apps on your Mac by their size while showing the largest files at the top. If you have huge apps that you never use these will reclaim more space with the least amount of effort. Disk Inventory X is a great free tool that will help you find what is taking up most of your space on your Mac.

Optimize Your Mac

Here is where we start making some performance gains for your Mac. Lets start by cleaning up all the random histories, cache files and junk that is making your Mac sluggish with poor performance.

  • Cleanup Your Downloads Folder – Many people find that their Downloads folder on their Mac or Macbook Pro is filled up with everything they have ever downloaded. áThere is often no reason to keep this stuff around but you need to make sure and backup any files before you delete them.
  • Cleanout Old Disc Images – To installáfiles easily Mac uses disc images. Some people will find old, random disc images all over your hard drive. Open Finder, then click on All My Files. Type “Disk Manager” in the search box and find any of those old DMG files and clean them out.
  • Empty Your Trash – You have to take out the trash from time to time on your Mac just like you do at home. Just CTRL-click the trash can on your dock and click Empty Trash.
  • Clean Mail Attachments – Apple Mail users can often have a ton of files filling up in mail from attachments and other random files. Open Spotlight by clicking Command & Space and then type Mail Downloads in the search box. This will show you all your attachments and you can delete old files that you don’t need anymore
  • Get an SSD – If you have a Mac that uses a hard drive then you will get a HUGE performance gain by upgrading to an Solid State Drive. SSD gives you much faster performance, data transfer, launch speed and boot times. This is incredibly easy to do yourself and you will get the biggest gains from this upgrade.
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