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How to clean a Mac computer

Do you want a clean Mac? Is your Mac computer running slow and taking forever to boot up these days? Do you have to delete things just to download files? Do streaming and watching videos pause and lag or make you wait several seconds to watch videos?

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Clean Up and Optimize Your Mac

First off, make sure that your software is up to date. If you are running old software then you are not taking advantage of all the bug fixes and updates that Apple has released to make your Mac run better and faster than ever.

Click on the Apple icon and then click the updates tab. Go ahead and install any updates that you find here including macOS updates, security updates etc.

Clean Out Storage Space

If you clean out your old apps and files that you no longer use you will reclaim quite a bit of storage space on your Mac. If you have a small hard drive this will be especially important.

You can download a tool like FreshMac to cleanup and optimize your Mac for you without any hassle.

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Get Rid Of Old Apps

Open your Applications folder and sort all of the apps on your Mac by their size while showing the largest files at the top. If you have huge apps that you never use these will reclaim more space with the least amount of effort. Disk Inventory X is a great free tool that will help you find what is taking up most of your space on your Mac.

Optimize Your Mac

Here is where we start making some performance gains for your Mac. Lets start by cleaning up all the random histories, cache files and junk that is making your Mac sluggish with poor performance.

  • Cleanup Your Downloads Folder – Many people find that their Downloads folder on their Mac or Macbook Pro is filled up with everything they have ever downloaded.  There is often no reason to keep this stuff around but you need to make sure and backup any files before you delete them.
  • Cleanout Old Disc Images – To install files easily Mac uses disc images. Some people will find old, random disc images all over your hard drive. Open Finder, then click on All My Files. Type “Disk Manager” in the search box and find any of those old DMG files and clean them out.
  • Empty Your Trash – You have to take out the trash from time to time on your Mac just like you do at home. Just CTRL-click the trash can on your dock and click Empty Trash.
  • Clean Mail Attachments – Apple Mail users can often have a ton of files filling up in mail from attachments and other random files. Open Spotlight by clicking Command & Space and then type Mail Downloads in the search box. This will show you all your attachments and you can delete old files that you don’t need anymore
  • Get an SSD – If you have a Mac that uses a hard drive then you will get a HUGE performance gain by upgrading to an Solid State Drive. SSD gives you much faster performance, data transfer, launch speed and boot times. This is incredibly easy to do yourself and you will get the biggest gains from this upgrade.
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7 solutions for common PC problems

You know the kind I’m talking about: they’re not life threatening to your PC, but at the same time they are infuriating in that they are a constant source of bother and wasted time, leading you to loss of focus, lost productivity and a generally sour frame of mind. Here are seven ways to make your computing life ever so much easier, and they’re easy fixes as well!

The Dang Things Starts Up SO Slow! – I’m sure you’ve experienced this one, if you owned a computer for any length of time. You’re sitting there, and sitting there, and sitting there, and finally it crawls open, all the while leaving you wondering about the magic of computers! More than likely the problem lies in the amount of programs demanding access at the moment you start up Many times when you’ve downloaded new software or computer programs, they automatically are set to open at the startup of your PC.

You can restore your computer to a totally like new state but keep all your programs and information on it just like it is with Reimage Software. We highly recommend you try it out. You have not downloaded anything like it before, we promise. You will be able to tell instantly as you watch it work that this is the most technologically advanced repair software ever. If you have ever used a registry cleaner and wondered if it really helped you really need to try this out!

In fact there are also a bunch of programs that your computer wants to open that aren’t really necessary. You can delete and limit the number of these resource hogging programs and get your startup much more vibrant by clicking Start, Run and type in msconfig, and this will display all the programs that are set to open at startup. You can then uncheck the ones you don’t want.

Make sure you do this one by one with a notepad nearby, as many of these programs are necessary to run your computer, and if you make a boo boo you’ll be able to go back and recheck it.

You Don’t Like The View – You sit at your computer for hours, and there’s just something about the way it looks. Not a problem; we can change this! Start by right-clicking on the desktop, then click Properties in XP, or Personalize in Vista, and then Settings, and you’ll be presented with many ways in which you can change the screen properties. I mean, if you have to look at it all day you may as well like what you’re looking at.

Your Printer Has Gone Haywire – It just won’t stop printing out either old print jobs or ones that were not cleared from the queue. First try turning off the printer and see if this doesn’t do the trick, and if that doesn’t work, go to your printers menu in the Start menu and delete anything you see let there, assuming of course you no longer want it to print. If this doesn’t solve your problem, then you may be forced to download and reinstall drivers for your particular printer.

My Videos Are Now Mute Or Invisible – If the videos are now playing without sound or even worse, without picture or both, then it may well be that the codecs are out of date. There are several places where you can get free updates. DO a search for K-Lite Codec Pack for a nice easy fix. Also, before you go to that length, check and see that you didn’t accidentally hit your keyboard’s mute button! (Speaking from experience!)

You Accidentally Broke A Key Off Your Keyboard – Okay, I won’t ask how this happened, or just what you were so angry at that you slammed your fist down onto it, but you need to know this can be an easy fix. If you happen to have an old keyboard lying around, it’s possible to salvage a good key with an intact key mechanism that you can swap out for the damaged one.

If you are unsure how to do this, do a search for “keycap replacement”, and you should find some good help. It’s fairly simple. If the entire keyboard needs replacing, you’re still in luck: keyboards are some of the cheapest things to replace on your PC. If it’s your laptop that needs a new keyboard, try eBay for good replacement keyboards for laptops, and search out instructions for this as well.

Your Wi-Fi is Now Slow-Fi – Another trial of your so far interminable patience, assuming that you are not a victim of a general network outage, you more than likely have come up against some rather stiff interference. Sometimes your phones router, (If you have one installed , as I do) can be the culprit, sending confusion into your otherwise well designed network. (As it did mine!) Make sure you have the connections in the proper order, as per manufacturers instructions, and you should have no further problem.

Interference can also come from the likes of a microwave oven, cordless phone, or many other types of electronic devices. You may end up having to change the channel to one less populated on your router by taking a peek into your routers config page, and try another channel, most commonly either channel 1, 6, or 11.

You Keep Getting Messages About Your Memory – And no, I’m not talking about YOUR memory, as that is beyond the scope of this article. However the memory on your machine is something you can take steps to improve. If you find yourself constantly getting system messages regarding your system’s memory capacity, or your computer is unusually slow, you may want to look into this. It may be a bad section of RAM, or you may simply need more. Run a memory test; there are several free ones available, and see if boosting your memory might not clear things up and speed it along quite nicely.

While most of these annoying problems won’t necessarily sink your ship, they are a bothersome interference in your computing experience, and you don’t have to put up with them. This list is by no means comprehensive, and you may have demons of your own that bug you to no end, and you have my sympathy. (I find new ones everyday!) These fixes, along with sound general maintenance should keep you from tearing out your hair every time you sit down to use your computer!

PC Cleaner

There is a brand new program out that will help you clean up your computer and get rid of all the junk that clutters up your pc and makes it slow down.  PC Cleaner will help you cleanup your PC quick and easy.  Just select the parts of your computer you want to clean and let it go to work for you.

Best of all, PC Cleaner is totally free!  That’s right, there is no charge and no upsell to a paid version.  It’s just free and you get to use it all you want.

You can really cleanup your computer for free and clear up all the junk that is dragging down the speed of your computer.

Real Computer Maintenance

We have all read hundreds of articles on how to make our computers run faster, how to tweak the operating system, or how to secure them. The one thing you don’t see many of are articles on simply keeping your computer stored and cleaned properly.

We all seem to know how to clean our homes, and we can recognize the dust layer on the table or dust bunnies under the couch. Well you must understand that if you have to clean your house once a week to keep the dust and dust bunnies out then you must do the same for your computer. Your computer is even more at risk down there….in that little computer desk cubby hole….underneath everything!

The easiest way to make sure your computer collects as little dust as possible is to insure it is in a well ventilated area. Air circulation as well keeps your computer from over heating. Even with ventilation any computer will require cleaning internally. Over heating can cause a computer to lock up unexpectedly, shutdown intermittently and even cause slow performance.

Cleaning your computer is not as complicated as most people might fear. All computers have an access panel. Some OEM manufacturers hide them as well as they can to prevent users from accessing internal components, but don’t worry…..it is there.

All you will need is a can of compressed air (Which you can pick up at your local computer store) and ten minutes of your time. Please remember to unplug your computer when doing this, because if for any reason you dropped a screw or anything metallic on the system board while it was plugged in or turned on it could be catastrophic.

There are a couple of areas you will really want to focus on. Not that you should ignore the rest of the computer.

The CPU heat sink and fan– Very important to clean as this component keeps your CPU cooled.

Fans– Any system fans should be blown out as they draw in cold air or push out warm air.

The power supply– The power supply may or may not contain a fan internally that needs to be cleaned, but it should still be blown out regardless.

A good overall spraying of the system board and any other hardware is a good idea as well.

Now that your computer is cleaned (And it cost you all of what? three or four dollars for the can of air.) you will have the peace of mind that it wont over heat.

So how often should you do this? Well that depends on many things that I cannot address here, but in general take a look at your computer at least every 30 to 45 days to see if it might need your attention.