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Who else wants to save on printer ink?

Printer ink is just way to expensive these days to buy in the store.  If you go to the store and buy ink it could literally cost you more than a new printer would cost.  I know that is insane but it is true.

The last few months I have been ordering my ink refills for the office and home from this website.

They have ink refills for just about any printer ever made.  My last order I found an XL version of my refills which is supposed to have twice as much ink as standard refills and only cost 4$ more than the normal cartridges that I buy.

I have been using these XL printer ink refills for almost a month now so I do seem to be getting better printer mileage.  Several of my family members and I pooled together and ordered all our ink and used the 15% coupon they have right now, on top of the much lower than store price they already have.

Any of our users who are looking to save close to half what they are paying for ink refills in the store just click here and see if they have the right refills for your printer.


I just got my inket printer refill cartidges

When goofing off a bit last week I ran across this special link to Save 15% on Inkjet Cartridges from 123 Inkjets.  My Lexmark X5650 printer that the wife and kids use had been out of black ink for over 2 weeks so I clicked on the link above and searched yet again for inkjet cartridges for it.

What a welcome surprise it was to find the exact ones I needed in less than 2 minutes and they were half the price that I had seen in my 2 previous hunts for them online at a good price.  I ordered 2 black ones and a color one and it only cost me about $75 bucks.  That is about half what they wanted at best buy for the same ink refill cartridges.

They arrived 3 days later using the free shipping option and are working great.  I could not be any happier with the folks over at 123Inkjets.

Click here to see how cheap you could be getting printer ink refills

123inkjets.com - Printer Ink, Toner, & More!