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Donald Trump Jr met with Russian lawyer

A copy of the emails is at the bottom of this page. Donald Trump Jr has admitted to meeting with a Russian lawyer in the summer of 2016 with the goal and obtaining damning information on Hillary Clinton.

These emails were also cc’d to Jared Kushner and campaign chief at the time Paul Manafort.

Trump Jr released the above emails right as the latest report came from the New York Times critical report, saying he wanted to released the emails before “Russian fever was in vogue”.

Is this evidence of collusion with Russia by the Trump campaign and Donald Trump Jr? Let us know what you think about these emails in the comments below.

Is another stimulus package the answer for our economy

All the talk about the surge and now it seems we are considering another round of “the splurge”. Personally I think we could put money to use in much better ways than just sending everyone in the country a few bucks.

We could create jobs in the alternative energy space if we would just focus some attention on it. It would be nice if the winner of this election truly decides to focus on alternative energy. There is a reason oil has cut in half lately, if it stays at the $150 a barrel range then we will be forced to make a beeline for alternative energy. If they keep us happy around $70 per barrel then the sheep will just turn a blind eye as we have done for decades.

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