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Backing Up the registry and using Sytem Restore

The registry contains extended information, settings and various other values for the Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP Operating System. Within the registry you can control a majority of the operating system as well as fix issues with Windows. However we only recommend users extensively experienced with the Windows registry edit it manually.

Before going into the Registry and changing or deleting anything I always recommend that you backup the registry.
To back up the registry Go to Start/run and type in the command field “regedit” without the quotes. Once the interface is open select file and then export. You should select the save in location as the root of c:. You will need to provide a name for the file. Once completed select save.

The computer registry consists of two files hidden in the Windows directory, system.dat and user.dat. User-specific system information is contained in the user.dat file and computer and hardware specific information in the system.dat file.

Microsoft Windows now includes a new feature known as system restore. This great new feature enables a user to backup and restore their important registry and system files from an earlier date. By default this feature automatically creates a backup of the system each day When working properly. If you wish to create a restore point using system restore follow the steps below.

Creating a restore point

1.Click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore

2.Select the option to Create a restore point

3.Click next and follow the remainder steps.

Reversing to a previously created restore point

1.Click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore

2.Select the Restore my computer to an earlier time option and click next

3.Select the day and the restore point you wish to restore and click next.

Using regedit to incorrectly change data can render you system non-functional and it can cease to boot up. Please do not attempt to manually edit registry information if you are not experienced in doing so.

Regcure review

Download regcure below or watch our regcure video review

Regcure Gets a 4 out of 5 Stars Rating Regcure ReviewRegcure ReviewRegcure ReviewRegcure Review

RegCure is a very easy to use computer cleanup and repair utility. It is produced by PareToLogic Inc. The program has been well put together with an easy to use interface. You can select which entries to scan your registry for as well as choose which entries to correct and which not to correct. This gives you added protection so you can remove entries from the fix list before needed entries are removed. This is easily done by reviewing the entries and simply selecting the ignore button next to the entry.

Download RegCure

The settings aspect enables you to implement preventative measures and insure if you experience an issue after using the product you can fully reverse the changes. This interface can invoke a system restore point, the ignore list can be used to add entries that will not be altered and a scheduling feature so scans can be set to run during off hours.

The backup selection can be used to create as well as restore a backup of your registry. This can be used even if system restore internal to Windows cannot revert to an earlier state. The backup entries are stored chronologically which makes it easy to browse and locate your last backup file for restoration purposes.

Download RegCure

RegCure has added an extra feature to help you maintain your system performance. This utility is listed under the startup utilities. I know this is a feature internal to windows as well but with this added feature you won’t have to use run commands or registry editing to enable or disable startup items.

In all I am impressed with the interface and functionality of the program. I as well was pleasantly surprised to learn it worked with my new Windows Vista operating system.

Download RegCure

Regcure is a well rounded and comprehensive registry cleaner and pc repair utility. If you have ever realized the frustrations of having a very slow computer or having to wait forever for simple things to load then you need to try Regcure.
It cleans uninstall entries, shared and corrupt dlls and many other common pc ailments.

Download the Free Trial of Regcure

Registry Mechanic Download and Review

Cleaning the registry of your computer is vital to its health and reliability. Manually going through and cleaning out your computer’s registry can be a nightmare! Deleting one listing in your registry can disrupt and even remove several other things on your computer. This is just one of the reasons you should get a registry cleaning software. The choices are endless when it comes to locating such a program, but finding the one for you might be easier than you thought. A popular, helpful and easy-to-use program to consider is Registry Mechanic.

Registry Mechanic is a PC Tools product and the most recent version is Registry Mechanic 8. This version is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit versions and Windows Vista 64-bit version. They also have a separate downloadable version of it for Windows 98.


Download Registry Mechanic

Registry Mechanic’s download runs quick and very easily for even those new to computer using. You simply click the download button, select Run, pick the options you want installed with the program and follow the wizard to get it installed and running.

This is a well designed program for registry cleaning. I cannot stress enough how great it is for beginners and experts alike. Like other PC Tools programs, once Registry Mechanic has completed installation it will run an update to insure you have the latest version installed. Once you get that taken care of you are free to run the registry scan and repair anything found with a click of the mouse!

Registry Mechanic runs a thorough scan of your computer’s registry locating anything that could be harmful or suspicious. Along with locating these errors, Registry Mechanic locates missing or invalid references in your registry. Everything this program finds is listed on the results page with details and the option to view manually for further details. I trust this program because it is from PC Tools so I go ahead and use the Repair All button every time. This saves a great deal of time and effort.

Download Registry Mechanic

Registry Mechanic is an award winning program for several reasons. I give it 2 thumbs up and recommend it highly.

Registry Mechanic Review

One very important thing I have come to learn through years of computer experience is that every single computer should have a good registry cleaning program installed and in use. When it comes to finding a registry cleaning program there are a ton of choices! But weeding through all of these to find the valuable cleaners isn’t as easy as you might think. There are a few great registry error removing programs out there, and the rest are just cheap imitations! One of my most loved registry cleaning programs is Registry Mechanic.


Registry Mechanic is a program of the famous PC Tools company. I have just upgraded to their latest version, Registry Mechanic 8. I am using a Windows Vista Home Premium, 32-bit version computer and their upgrade of Registry Mechanic works PERFECT on my system. Not a flaw to be found.

The installation of Registry Mechanic 8 is really easy for any computer user to follow. You select Run, and then you pick what you what to install with the Registry Mechanic, whether you want the Quick Launch button, Desktop icon and more. After that you will see how quick and thorough installation is.


That’s only the beginning of how well this program was designed for the public. As soon as Registry Mechanic 8 is finished downloading, it will run an automatic update to make sure that you got all the latest increments of the program. Then you’re on to the good stuff. You can now run a full scan and repair of your computer’s registry with the click of a button.


Registry Mechanic runs a intensive scan through your computer’s registry locating and alerting you of anything suspicious. Each error and missing or invalid reference will be listed by name and with details for you to review manually if you wish to do so. I trust the Registry Mechanic and its never done harm to my computer in any way so I click the Repair button and watch as Registry Mechanic works wonders for my computer!


Registry Mechanic has won many awards that it definitely deserved! Just visit their website to see their awards and honorable mentions to see what I’m talking about! Registry Mechanic knows you’ll love the program so they offer a 100% money back guarantee to back that! You might be surprised to learn that if you take your computer into the repair shop that they run a registry scan & repair program to locate the errors in your computer. Some even use this very program! So, skip the middle man and repair your computer’s registry yourself with Registry Mechanic.

Below is from their website in reference to the latest version of Registry Mechanic.

Registry Mechanic Information

Current Version:

File Size:

7,340 KB

Operating System:

Designed for Windows® Vista™ (32-bit and 64-bit), 2000 and XP – Windows 98 users can visit website for compatibility information

Release Date:

February 10, 2009

Designed to:

Clean, defrag and compact your registry to optimize your PC for better performance.

Trial Limitations:

The trial is time unlimited and removes problems found in 6 sections of the registry only. A registered version is required to remove all detected problems.

I’ve been through many registry cleaning programs but this one is most definitely one of my top 3 favorites! It is great from start to finish. The best part is how easy it is to use but how effectively it will work for you!

Leave us a comment below on your experiences with Registry Mechanic

Regcure review article

We recently posted a new review of regcure, a popular computer repair tool.  This regcure review is extensive and a good read so I thought I would post a link to it on the blog here for you folks to read.

If you are experiencing problems with your computer or if it’s just a little slower than it should be then read our new review here.  Let us know what you think in the comment section below or drop us an email.

We are adding more program reviews every couple of days and will soon be launching a brand new design as well.  Have a great day!

Help is not available in Office 2007

I have had many questions dealing with the same issue in office 2007 as of late. The question voiced the most has been “why can I not access the help section of Office 2007?”.

This is typically due to the UNC path of the help file not being defined in the registry. Whether the entry was removed or the registry was damaged there is a simple way to fix the issue.

Note: If your registry is damaged you may need to perform maintenance on it. If the registry is damaged to the point that the entire section is missing you will not be able to follow these directions as described below.

Remember: Editing the registry incorrectly can prevent Windows from operating. Always create a restore point or make a manual back up the registry before performing registry edits.

To repair this issue complete the following instructions:

1. Start Notepad.

2. Copy and then paste the following text into a new file. REGEDIT4

Note:The UNC path is the universal naming convention path. This is the full path to the help files.

3. Name the file 926707.reg, and then save the file to a location of your choice.

4. Use the Office Customization Tool to run the 926707.reg file before the 2007 Office program is installed.

One issue down, many to go.

Back To Work

Does anyone else find it hard to pick up work after vacationing? Having completed a weeks worth of vacation I am back to the grind….well….sort of.

I am using this day to read up on new stories and technologies for new content on the site. Please bare with me while I compose myself and get my head out of the vacation cloud. Of course this is not easily done…

As you can see from the last post we are now taking posted questions to better serve our users. As well I would like to add if there is a new technology or concern you would like for me to address please post a comment to this blog. I would be happy to research and address topics for our users.

After all….It is you the end user for which we create the content.

Windows Live One Care

Windows Live One Care is a utility designed by Microsoft to scan your computer for several different issues. Live One care scans your computer for unnecessary temporary files, invalid registry entries, open ports, malware, and even checks your hard drive to see if defragmentation is necessary.

The service is free for ninety days after which time there is a required yearly fee of $49.95 to maintain a subscription. Microsoft has deployed this utility to help users maintain security and functionality of their computers.

If you decide to acquire use of this utility they do require you uninstall any third party virus or firewall applications. If you have already purchased one of these types of applications this can be problematic as you will lose the use of the paid subscription to the third party service.

Overall this utility seemed to work well. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any detailed information as to what the scan has found. When trying to review the registry entries that were flagged as errors I could not locate any detailed information on the entries and what they may relate to.

Microsoft seems to counter this by stating if you have any undesirable effects to use system restore which will reverse any registry changes. This seems to be counter productive.

Before deciding to use this service you may want to read the installation requirements document by clicking here.

Windows live One Care may be a useful utility if you do not own software that already performs these functionalities. To review more detailed information concerning this product you may visit the Windows live One Care web site.

Windows Vista Recovery Environment

Microsoft has added a new feature to the Windows arsenal. The new utility is the Recovery environment utility. This new utility has been added to aid a user in repair of the Windows Vista OS.

This new utility is actually booted from the Vista DVD and has a few new utilities. Included in this new utility are the functions below.

Repairs the MBR, partition table, or boot sector.

Runs ChkDsk in repair mode.

File Repair
Replaces the corrupt system file with a backup copy.

Reconstructs the BCD.

System Restore
Rolls back the system state by using System Restore.

ACLs fix
Sets the ACLs of the specified file to a default value.

Registry rollback
Replaces the corrupt registry hives with a backup copy.

Change Crash on Audit Failure setting
Disables Windows auditing. Only an administrator can log on to Windows.

Memory Diagnostics
Runs the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool.

You might notice the new Memory diagnostics utility. This utility not only tests RAM but cache memory as well. This can be very handy when experiencing memory errors. Its a great diagnostics utility.

The easily accessible registry rollback utility….. I am sure will be used by many users knowing how the registry can become corrupted.

If you ever have experienced an issue that could not be resolved through normal or safe mode you may want to look into the Recovery Environment utilities as it isn’t necessary to boot to Windows to use this utility. I hope it proves to be as helpful in troubleshooting and repair as I think it will be.

Windows Vista UAC

I have completed the new Microsoft Windows Vista course 5118A just this week. In review of my new training on Vista Microsoft has a new and very annoying utility internal to the operating system.

The new utilitiy is the UAC or user account control. If you have recently purchased Windows vista you know just how annoying it can be.

The utility was designed to prevent malicious software from invading your computer and to “protect users from themselves”.

Even logged in as an administrator this utility is still active and still annoying as it monitors even administrative account activity. You can turn this feature off in the accounts control panel, but of course Microsoft does not recommend it.

I know you will be just as frustrated with it as I have been, but it does add an extra security feature while monitoring installation and removal of software. As we know malicious programs can install in the background while browsing the Internet or opening email.

The UAC utility as well monitors the registry for changes and notifies if a program or user attempts to alter it and then prompts for permission.

When looking at it from a security point of view this utility can be a very useful one, but when looking at it from a productivity stand point you will have a different view of this utility.