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Trouble free computing

With all my ranting on computer maintenance you would think one might achieve what others call “trouble free” computing…not a chance.

By no means am I saying that you cannot achieve at least a better computing experience, but “trouble free”?

First lets think about this. I have heard and I quote “Computers don’t make mistakes..its the user that makes em!”. Ok I gotta say this and I hope someone is listening. Computers are a great piece of technology, but remember the internal workings such as hardware and software are completely designed by a human animal. So wouldn’t that make them as fallible as the people who design them?

Honestly…computers are only as infallible as the engineer who designs the components or software.

Don’t give up hope though. You can make your experience at least a more pleasant one. Although reaching for an unattainable goal will simply frustrate you. The best tool you can have is knowledge.

Knowledge of your system and software. Use the tools provided by the pc or software manufacturer to help maintain a healthy system. Most hardware and software manufacturers incorporate an extensive knowledge base as well as update services to help you maintain your pc functionality.

Believe me… Any error you have experienced while using resources the manufacturer has already encountered in testing. It’s as
easy as searching a knowledge base or creating a trouble ticket in their support system.

I know…I know: Its alot to read and most of it can be extremely confusing. Just remember when trouble shooting there are a few key things to note in your search: What version of Windows are you using? What is the EXACT error you are experiencing? When is this error occuring? If it occurs in a particular software title then what version is that software title?

You cannot go wrong in your search for an answer to a particular issue if you have this information.

These details will help you point to a specific answer in a knowledgebase. Just as there are many causes to one particular problem there are just as many fixes for that problem. So when you get frustrated while trying to fix an issue…before you take it out on your tech support remember that.

Tech support is troubleshooting, and I assure you they are just as eager to remedy your issue as you are.

SO remember: In your search for “trouble free” computing, functionality may get better, it will never be totally problem free.

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Speed up your computer videos are a hit

One of the more popular video series we have done is our speed up your computer set of 7 videos. These videos have helped thousands of people speed up their computers. Listen just just a handful of happy users below.


You can watch all 7 of these videos for free at the link below and learn to speed up your computer. They are about 2 hours long total and you will need to reboot several times during the process but afterwards you will notice that your computer runs probably twice as fast as it did before.