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Computer store warranties: In this an other cases they are not needed

One day last week I was at the local chain computer store. I was purchasing some components for a computer. In this case I was purchasing some memory.

I finished my selection and proceeded to the checkout counter. At the counter the checkout lady politely asked if I would like to purchase a warranty for the memory. I asked why would I want to buy a warranty for the item when the memory manufacturer already has a lifetime warranty.

Needless to say she didn’t have an answer. I stated well I guess the only reason would be to put money in the companies bank account.

Remember anytime you purchase retail and even OEM products the manufacturer already has a warranty in place. Usually memory has a lifetime warranty. Hard drives and CPU’s typically are a three year warranty. Generally for all other components there is a one year manufacturers warranty in place.

Sure its nice to just re-visit the store you purchased your item at an get a quick replacement, but if you dont mind dealing with the manufacturer yourself you can quickly acquire a replacement unit and save yourself a few bucks.

One thing to remember if you are planning to deal directly with the manufacturer for warranty you must ship the item back in the original packaging. Generally the warranty process starts with you contacting their warranty department to receive an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization number. From there it is really easy to complete.

Manufacturers even offer fast ship options which does require giving your credit card information for a temporary charge that is posted until they receive the old unit back.

Just remember: These warranties offered by computer chain stores are not as beneficial as they may seem. As long as you don’t mind doing just a little leg work yourself.

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