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1. Adding a website to your favorites in Internet Explorer
Video – (1 min. 00 sec.)

2. Uninstalling programs through Add and Remove control panel
Video – (1 min. 48 sec.)

3. Creating a user account in Windows XP
Video – (1 min. 57 sec.)

4. Adjusting program priorities
Video – (1 min. 07 sec.)

5. Automatically start an program on startup
Video – (1 min. 24 sec.)

6. Using Windows automatic updates
Video – (1 min. 40 sec.)

7.Using capslock notifications
Video – (1 min. 10 sec.)

8.Creating a cd backup
Video – (1 min. 11 sec.)

9. Using Internet Explorer content advisor
Video – (2 min. 02 sec.)

10.Turning off delete confirmation
Video – (1 min. 13 sec.)

11.Deleting Media player cache
Video – (1 min. 20 sec.)

12.Creating a desktop shortcut
Video – (1 min. 12 sec.)

13.Disable error reporting
Video – (1 min. 11 sec.)

14.Disable fast user switching
Video – (1 min. 25 sec.)

15.Increasing graphics performance
Video – (1 min. 20 sec.)

16.Using Check disk
Video – (1 min. 30 sec.)

17.Defragging a hard drive
Video – (1 min. 42 sec.)

18.Hiding files and folders
Video – (1 min. 01 sec.)

19.Using Power Management for a laptop
Video – (1 min. 30 sec.)

20.Preventing malicious code
Video – (1 min. 54 sec.)

21.Moving files and folders
Video – (1 min. 25 sec.)

22.Pinning an item to the start menu
Video – (1 min. 00 sec.)

23.Emptying the Windows prefetch folder
Video – (1 min. 12 sec.)

24.Using print screen
Video – (1 min. 27 sec.)

25.Using compatibility mode for older programs
Video – (1 min. 33 sec.)

26.Accessing applications
Video – (0 min. 51 sec.)

27.Creating a shortcut on the quick launch bar
Video – (1 min. 35 sec.)

28.Designating a file as “Read Only”
Video – (1 min. 29 sec.)

29.Clearing “Recently Used Documents”
Video – (1 min. 21 sec.)

30.Remove MSN Messenger from start up
Video – (2 min. 04 sec.)

31.Renaming files and folders
Video – (1 min. 40 sec.)

32.Resizing an application window
Video – (1 min. 19 sec.)

33.Scheduling maintenance
Video – (2 min. 36 sec.)

34.Using screensaver password protection
Video – (1 min. 37 sec.)

35.Designating a home page in Internet Explorer
Video – (1 min. 20 sec.)

36.Switching between running applications
Video – (1 min. 02 sec.)

37.Creating a system restore point
Video – (1 min. 59 sec.)

38.Deleting temporary internet files
Video – (1 min. 18 sec.)

39.Using Search to locate files
Video – (1 min. 36 sec.)

40.Using disk cleanup
Video – (2 min. 38 sec.)

41. Using Remote Assistance
Video – (7 min. 38 sec.)

The How to Guides cover a range of guides on the Windows operating system, various hardware and software, internet tasks, troubleshooting and miscellaneous other PC related tasks including protecting yourself online, upgrading your PC, setting up wired and wireless networks etc.

Whether it’s fixing or customising Windows, getting more performance from your PC or you just getting a list of the Windows CAB files our Tips and Tweaks section is a must visit.

We’ve also put together reviews of some choice hardware and software and looked at which PC related sites are worth visiting. Items reviewed range from power supplies to cases to PCs to utility programs.

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