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CyberDefender Review

Due to all the complaints we have received and forwarded to Cyberdefender without a response we have decided to recommend everyone try our suggestions above instead.

The article below will stay on the site for reference.

“CyberDefender Early Alert Center analyzes threats and calculates the risk levels of suspicious files and processes that may contain harmful spyware and viruses or may be phishing sites. This expert system tests and ranks threats on a Universal Severity Scale™, and updates the CyberDefender threat database automatically.”

The above sentence was taken directly from the CyberDefender website. I wanted to use this sentence as a guideline for testing and reporting any faults or positives in the Cyberdefender program.


First I would like to state that it’s nice a company that produces protection software finally figured out it’s easier to browse and figure out a program when you have access to everything on a single layout interface.

The main interface gives easy access to monitor the status of each protection type. From spyware to scam or phishing protection addressing settings and options is fantastically easy.

Each subcategory is easily viewable and accessed.


The best thing I can document is the ease of use. Not just the overall ease of use, but how many of you have tried to scan your computer with your current protection software while still retaining the use of the pc? “Sluggish at best” comes to mind right?

Out of the box the greatest piece of design built into CyberDefender is the low impact on resources during scanning and active monitoring. I would enjoy meeting their design team just to congratulate them and shake their hands on this fact.

This isn’t your typical protection suite. Even with all proactive monitoring in use (spam, phishing, spyware, and virus) as well as performing a full system virus scan I noted my CPU load was not over 40%. I am noting the hardware configuration of the laptop that was used to test the functionality below.

Item Value

OS Name Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium

Version 6.0.6000 Build 6000

System Type X86-based PC

Processor Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2400 @ 1.83GHz, 1833 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)

Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = “6.0.6000.16386”

Time Zone Central Standard Time

Total Physical Memory 2,549.82 MB

Available Physical Memory 1.24 GB

Total Virtual Memory 5.17 GB

Available Virtual Memory 3.77 GB

Page File Space 2.78 GB

Protection Available

Just insure you have a complete understanding of the available security and protection I want to list the available features other than virus scanning

  1. Early Spam Protection: The spam protection integrates with your current email client to provide an incoming and outgoing email scanner which provides a more complete security suite.

  2. Early Spy Protection: Active monitoring and protection from spyware and adware software types.

  3. Early Scam: Protects against phishing scams which are used to collect your data.

Additional Security Features

While CyberDefender not only supplies you with virus protection, but as well offers spam, spyware and phishing protection there are a couple of features which I would like to list that you might want to know about.

Early Monitor includes the following features not previously listed.

  1. CyberDefender monitors the Windows update site for patches and updates to the Windows operating system.

  2. It also monitors your firewall status and protection to insure you have the right protection.

  3. Easily access and maintain control of cookies on you systems.

  4. Password protection:CyberDefender shows you the passwords saved by Windows which can be accessed by others. Take control and remove the saved passwords, don’ allow windows to save such information.

Additional Features

Aside from comparing performance, cost and overall effectiveness of CyberDefender against it’s competitors one thing you can note about the software that no other competitor offers is 24/7 PHONE AND EMAIL ANTI-MALWARE SUPPORT.

 Cyberdefender apparently charges several hundred dollars per year for computer support and access to their main program which is supposed to keep your pc running smoothly but we hear very different stories from consumers.

Considering my experience with the CyberDefender software I would have to agree with their statements concerning the performance and effectiveness of the program. I would even go as far as having to state that I would consider CyberDefender to not only be a valuable piece of software, but a required piece of software in the fight against virus, spam, phishing and spyware infections.

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John W. Barber says

I purchased a one use version ($169.00) of CyberDefender on 8/18/2008, and a technical rep talked me into adding a version for 1-3 workstations ($199.00) at a later date. After a few days this person told me that the first version elapsed a 30 day period. I decided to stay with the one computer version, and was told that I would be receiving a credit of $199.99 on my bank account. I was also told last week that Cyberdefender would be crediting my account. I have not received a credit as of today, and would like to speak to someone regarding this ASAP. Thank you. John Barber (704-xxx-xxxx)

Don Davidson says

I got Cyberdefender after trying some other free programs, but they slowed my system down and a friend of mine told me about Cyberdefender. It is a little confusing about what is free or not, but the fact is companies need to make money else they can’t support the software – and they use all kinds of ways do to that. I have removed Cyberdefender from my computer with out problems. So, I really like the Cyberdefender interface, scan times and that it found what I knew was on the system, including several programs/viruses/trojans that some of the others (PC Tools, SuperAntiVirus and Norton) missed.

I used it as a free scanner, but the free version does remove spyware and trojan, but you got to upgrade for virus. Evenually one came along, it caught it, and I bought the upgrade. Ran Cyberdefender after the upgrade, and virus was gone (it got into my rootkit and also got the vundo virus which it took care of.

I also like that the upgrade I got came with the 24/7 computer help, which was very helpful when I went on a trip, and my wife had a printer problem and called them (the 24/7 is not just for malware support, but for any kind of computer issue!!). They helped her out and had a positive experience with the Cyberdefender help line.

So, this is my experience with Cybderdefender – really good software. Granted, different people have different experiences, but this seems to be a good company (website says they are a NASDAQ company) with a valid product.

ross prince says

From my recent experience with Cyber Defender, I sure would not buy it or receive it if it was given to me. From what I have seen, it is a worthless pirece of software. WHen I tried to get help with the installation, I was advised that I had to buy a Technical SUpport package. Forget that. If some company wants me to install their software, they had better be prepared to offer some advice on the installation

Don Vance says

I just bought 5 applications, and it found stuff 8 other spyware programs missed! Thanks a gazillion haha!

Phillip Buscema says

I downloaded the supposedly “free version” of this software. It did fix some of my computer problems. The 1200 or so that were left ….well lets just say i would have to pay for it to get them removed. Now my laptop is moving at a slower speed . Also I was sick to death of the pop ups wanting me to buy the upgraded version of CyberDefender. When I tried to remove this “free” download” from from my laptop, it tried to block the removal of the program five times. I’m going to check them out at my local Better Business Bureau and since my laptop’s performance seems to have been compromised (I may be wrong about this claim) I’m having a certified windows technician look to see if there was any permenent damage to my unit as a result of the “free download “and IF he finds any damage, I’m contacting someone on the state level and have them look at my complaint to your company and may take further action.
Phil Buscema

Georgiana says

i just bought the software for my pc and like it. i used to pay a lot more for mcaffee but know better now. dao davidson pointed out, they are a public company so you know they are a strong company with shareholders to keep happy. great product, friendly and helpful customer service… they were very helpful to me mainly because i primarily use a mac so pc support was needed.

Susan Lovelace says

I have been trying to receive a credit on my credit card from CyberDefender since Feb. 5th. They failed to protect my computer and left a program open.

The first Tech, talked me into the 2 year program and promised to credidt $79.00 from my first credit card.

Then he cahrgec $299.00 to my second card. Failed to protect my computer. I was online waiting for a technician to remove a virus and Trojan horses just minutes after one teckh “repaired” my computer. After going from the 11th person in line to the 1st. They decided they were too busy to repair my computer.

I had to rush to find another anti-virus company and pay them they removed all the viruses and horses left behind by CyberDefender. and Cyberdefender also forgot their Toolz file on my computer. I put it in the garbage as soon as I could.

I do not feel they are as reputable as you have noted. I sent them a fax the same night that they pumped me after being on hold for an hour. I have never heard a word from them

Oh yes I e-mail them everyday several times nothing.

bucky says

i got scamed tried get money back and now i have to fill out form for my credit card co. i called maney TIMES both tech support AND HOMME OFFICE GOT CFECK IMAIL DEAL


ces says

These kinds of reviews need to describe the effectiveness of the software for actually removing crap. I’ve yet to find defense software that has you reboot into safe mode, run something, and clean out all the crap that has been installed into the “run-at-startup” location. And finding defense software that would actually make it easy for my kids not to accidentally install ‘run-at-startup’ crap would be a godsend.

Mila says

well Im new to cyberfender and so far its been ok,and the cost isnt bad either

CJ says

Downloaded free scan-called company to remove it and they said for 129,00$ they could do a one time fix or 224.99$ a one year servive and they then could remove the free version???? They said it was my problem and not theirs. What a scam–still have it on my computer after five phone calls and three tec’s plus one manager who was repeating my options. This is one big scam. cj

Bill says

This software is horrible. It has crashed my vista system, blocked window safeguards from working, and prevented other virus items from being installed. They have never returned any of the numerous calls and email messages that I have left. PLEASE, PLEASE don’t waste your money with this company. This is the biggest scam I have ever seen. They even tried to upsale me to another product of theirs to “fix” the problem. I can’t wait to find a uninstaller to remove this Sh*t from my computer and waste a few more valuable days getting things reinstalled and straightened out. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!!!!

theTroll says

I heard an add for this on the radio and wondered if it was a scam or actually something useful. I happen to be in a great position to test this because I had just installed Vista and the machine was completely clean. Hadn’t even been on the internet yet. Downloaded and installed and did a spyware scan. Much to my surprise it found 11 spyware. I now understand why they claim to find more spyware then ANYONE else, well because they find spyware that doesn’t exist. I even went through and looked up all the ones the claimed to find and no where on my computer were anything that would lead you to believe that spyware was there. COMPLETE SCAM!!!!

Mark says

3rd attempt to leave a reply. seems like a RIP OFF to me. free download didn’t work-so i ordered the 2.0 disk, which came postage due 27 cents. computer had crashed by then. waited 3 mths and fixed computer. tried to download the disk ,even following directions on the disk cover of going to My Computer if CD doesn’t autoplay. Keeps restarting the computer or doing nothing. Yes, I clicked the Cyberdefender icon. Hourglass comes on-then nothing. Maybe I’m a pessimist, but this whole review page looks like an ad to me.

jim says

I purchased cyber defender november of last year. It’s pure junk. It repeatedly missed a trojan time, and time again. I reinstalled it and got the same results. I just went to Kim Kamando’s web site to complain because I bought it from a link on her web site. While there I decided to try a free anti virus ( really thinking it was a waste of time) I mean if a $50.00 anti virus want work, why should I think a free one would. Well it worked great. Kim redeemed herself!

Jim says

Cyberdefender is, plain and simple, a scam site. Consider:

1. I downloaded the software and purchased it to test it out. I immediately scanned and, while it found a lot of “mess” on my old pc, when I re-scanned with Trend Micro, there were over 400 items left behind by CD that should have been caught and removed.

2. The email interface did not work. When I phoned tech support they used the software to troubleshoot while directly connected to my pc. Little did the techy know that this old pc was offline and turned off from mid Feb until about one week ago. And yet according to this guy my pc “was filled with problems in the ini files and, for an additional $200 he could get it running like new again.” When I asked him what he was referring to he stated “it looks like you got a nasty virus back in March”. Unless a pc that is NOT connected to the Internet or even turned on can somehow magically attain a brand new virus, he was simply lying in order to upsell me more CD crap. When I explained to him that the pc was offline during this time he had no answer, backed off, and was quite obviously struggling to come up with an excuse.

3. This crap software is difficult to remove. Search any major SE with the phrase “removing cyberdefender” and you will see what I mean. It embeds itself and becomes a resident software program that does not like to be told it has to go. Any novice who is silly enough to install this is likely to be forced to pay someone to clean it off.

4. Those who are saying it is “awesome” are probably vested in it. In other words they stand to make money by selling it as an affiliate. There are a lot of REAL reviews out there that state the facts. This company, based out of India, is not trustworthy. They are all about the upsell, their software embeds, and the software does not work as it is supposed to.

I ultimately nailed them with a chargeback and got a refund. Do yourself a favor and stick with Trend Micro. It cost the same, does more, works, and has incredible tech support.

Jim says

This is a really dangerous software for a couple of simple reasons:

1. It can lead to a false sense of security. It does not really scan incoming email effectively and does not find all of the nasties on your pc.

2. It is REALLY hard to delete. Novices may have such a hard time that they end up having to hire someone to remove it.

3. Finally, their tech support is anything but. The guy (from India by the way) that I spoke with was more interested in upselling me on more services than he was answering my question as to why the email scanner wasn’t working. Then he went so far as to say “You got a virus into your ini files back on March 4. This is going to cause you system to completely crash.” What this guy didn’t realize was the pc I had allowed him remote access into was never online in Feb or March. There was no way the pc was infected during the time he stated. When I pointed this out his only reply was “Just $200 more and we can get your computer running like new. It is such a bargain. Can I charge an additional $200 right away?”

Needless to say I took the following actions:

First I deleted this garbage.

Then I reported them to my credit card and issued a chargeback. I already have a full refund by the way.

And finally I reported them to the BBS. It might not lead to much but it is all about protecting others from scams like this. Websites that are affiliates and have a vested interest in the sales of this program are bound to defend it. Shame on them for not being totally honest!

Let the buyer beware. Avoid this one like the plague folks. Avoid it like the plague.

pharmtech says

i thought it was the worse one that i have used. it took up so much memory on my computer and it was a real pain to remove and it did not do the job it was supposed to do

Peter Combs says

A nightmare, high pressure sales pitches for upgrades from a TEch Rep and then his boss in India to buy enhanced services when I was only trying to install the program. The software is not as effective as many others and it missed a number of Spyware Applications and Trojans on my system.
I called the state side number, canceled the three year registration and went back to my old Anti Virus deal.

Pain in the neck..

paul shirley says

need activation code no.

Jerry Ihrke says

Very deceptive add practices. They avertise as a free download to rid your PC of in my case, the rouge “personal antivirus”.
I down loaded it and everything was good till you click the “REMOVE” button. Now all of a sudden they want a starting price of 29.99, then spam you all the way throught to the final purchase with “add-ons”. This is fighting with the “personal antivirus” blocking the pages continually. So with the credit card paid version I frustratingly enter the activation code and assume all the deleting and quaretine solved my problem. Not so after a reboot and attempt at the internet again “personal antvirus’ is alive and well and blocking every move on the net. So I call their tech support who seems friendly enough and has me allow him access to my computer over the net. Next thing I know he’s telling all these things he finds damaged and hi-jacked and that it would take a couple of hours and he’d solve it for me. The catch is now he wants another $250.00. When asked if he was going to rid my computer of the “personal antivirus” he said know, not without the added purchase. Here he is with access to my computer and blackmailing me for more money. I’m working with American Express to get my money back

deedee says

I have cyberdefender on my computer and I called them when I had an issue with a sluggish system. When I typed an email the letters were very slow to appear if at all. I thought CD would help me for free since they promote that they will help you with any tech problems, but I was mistaken. They checked my computer out remotely and told me I needed a Microsoft Certified person to fix my problem. If not, my computer may be rendered useless. For a cost of $225. They could help me out. They showed me Geek Squad’s site and told me that they could help me but they charge $300. they were a little pushy, but I refused their services and contacted geek squad virtually. They remotely fixed my problem for $49.99. All it needed was a cleaning and its now back up and running correctly. Now, were they using a fear tactic to upsell me a service that I didn’t need? Hmmm…you figure it out.

Roger billi says

I downloaded the free version of Cyberdefender from the internet after formatting my computer, to keep myself protected from internet viruses. After installing the Cyberdefender EDC software, it showed msn tracking cookie as an potential high risk item along with many others. I was realy amazed to find out these high risk items got in to my computer within 10 to 12 min of reinstalling windows. I tried to remove the infections but it wanted money. Then I tried to download this software on my laptop and got same scanning results, even with MSN tracking cookie at the top of the list. This is a complete bogus software and scanns fictitious entries in the computer that never exists. Friends get your money back cause these people are fooling us.

Daniel Pothrow says

I myself have been using CyberDefender on my computer for a little over a year and I really like it. I have the upgraded version of Cyberdefender with 2Gb online support and 24/7 technical support. I used their support for a problem with hooking up my digital camera (something wasn’t letting it hook up properly, and they helped me). I found the support people to be easy to work with and very friendly with no long waiting.

I actually found that this software took up less space than others and it scans a lot faster. I like it; I recommend it to everyone I know. It is unfortunate that John Barber didn’t seem to have much like right away. I hope he got that all straightened out. I hope this helps other people to make a great decision to go with a good product.

tdat7192 says

Installed and paid for CyberDefender, had difficulties ever since. Several calls to help desk were completely unsuccessful in resolving problems. Attempted to deinstall and am still being redirected and it is preventing me from downloading Norton or MS security updates. It may be coincidence, but to me this appears to be one of the pay/hostage scams.

Jaana Gilbert says

I’ve tried many on my work laptop that is running Win XP Pro x64 OS. My last attempt was with BitDefender and it managed to slow my computer to a crawl and it’s very rare for that to happen. I have 8Gb RAM in this machine and run heavy graphics and database programs on it daily.
After recommendation, I downloaded this and it found a ton of infections and fixed them promptly. So far so good, CPU is down to 10% where it was before and my screens are back to being fast.

I’m giving thumbs up for now.

Karen says

I bought the product and was not happy. I was able to use the registery cleaner however I could not get the antivirus software to run. They give you an activation code but the page for activation would not come up therefore I had to call tech support Tech support could not get it to run either. But I could pay another $219 and get my computer running like new, EXCUSE ME!, then the software will run fine. All I could think of is this is a scam to get you to spend more money. I opted to cancel. So far I have called 3 times and it still isn’t cancelled nor has my money been refunded. They told me it could take up to 2 billing cycles. EXCUSE ME it should never take that long for your money to be refunded from ANYONE

Andrea says

I purchased the registry cleaner software and was not impressed with the result. Trying to cancel was a nightmare. I had to speak to 5 different people, call 3 different numbers and it took over 3 hours of constant repeating, “I just want to cancel and get my refund.” They are VERY UNETHICAL in this way. Finally I had someone say they would cancel and the refund never arrived. I had to call again and talk to 2 more people to find out that they had only cancelled my annual auto-renewal. (that’s another little hidden gem I didn’t know I signed up for!) This was also unethical as I was VERY clear that I wanted my refund.

Ja'Nien Fuller says

I got scammed by Cyberdefender, the day after installing their software on my machine and paying $299 for a support contract, my Windows 7 password stopped working and all my email passwords got compromised. They are selling FAKE ROGUE ANTIVIRUS that says you have a virus when you don’t in fact have a virus. I know my PC was clean and had zero viruses, my brother works for an antivirus company and personally cleaned my machine before I called Cyberdefender. But they still faked a virus and tried to scare me into buying a support plan. CYBERCROOKS posing as good guys. DO NOT buy from them.

Dave says

I did a clean install on a 250 gig drive with windows vista enterprise edition. Loaded it up with the common apps such as Office 07, adobe reader, flash, shockwave and updated it all.

I then downloaded cyber defender and ran this on a new, clean install.

How odd that it produced hundreds of viruses and trojans.

Remember this machine had only been to 3 sites online, Microsoft, adobe and cyberdefender and yet it was loaded with viruses and trojans.

Isnt it funny how it detected what isnt there?

james hedford says

i got this blue screen error for a while in my new computer and was deadly frustrated until i spoke to manly. he’ was very patience and technically sound. he took me to different parts of my computer and show all the errors and infections.he put me through to one the technician and ‘m glad that my system fast as ever,.thanks to cyberdefender

RE says

In my opinion Cyber Defender is a SCAM. I paid for a year of technical support due a virus I had. I ended up having to call them on a constant basis for the same problem. They are not helpful at all, you are on hold for a really long time and they do not do a good job explaining anything. Needless to say once my yr contract was up I had the same computer issues. After each time I called I the problem would be temporarily fixed so of course when I completed some of the surveys I gave them average scores but then the computer would mess up again!!!!I would not recommend anyway WASTING money with a company like Cyber Defender.

jj says

What a waste

Paul says

Why not just use Linux, and cut out the middle man?

Claudette says

I purchased cyberdefender and cyberdefender registry cleaner a couple of weeks ago because AVG was driving me crazy with the slow poke startup scans. I have never been without virus protection so I thought cyberprotector might be a good deal. Installed and registered the software which claims to provide 24 hour support. Right away, I did a scan and it tells me everything is fine. Now when I start up my laptop, a window “cyberdefender antispyware 2010” jumps up on my screen and tells me that I have 64 infections from an “automatic scan” it does at start up. I select “Fix it” and it links me to the cyberdefender web page which asks me to purchase the software I’ve already purchased. I go back to to the 64 infection window and select the only other option: “ACTIVATE NOW” I enter my activation key and it tells me it’s the wrong activation key (it’s the correct activation key, I copy pasted it). I manage to shut down the 64 infection window and the next time this happens, I compare names: the 64 infections window is called “cyberdefender antispyware 2010” If I do a manual scan with cyberdefender, it turns up no infections but the name of that software appears to be different : “cyberdefender internet security”. It occurs to me that the 64 infections window is nothing but an ad and go to “remove programs” in my control panel. there I find THREE CYBERDEFENDER items when I had only purchased TWO: 1) cyberdefender registry cleaner (blue logo), purchased; 2) cyberdefender internet security (red logo), purchased; and 3) cyberdefender antispyware 2010 (red logo) which is the 64 infection window and was not purchased. I decide to remove the 64 infection software which I believe is an ad. It won’t let me!!!!
So I call cyberdefender to take advantage of the 24 hour tech support and I’m told that for and extra $229 US (!!!!) a technician will help me get rid of the “infection”. The reason? One of my so called infections is “preventing a real scan of my system” and is also “preventing my entering the registration key”. Well, I managed to enter the registration key in the two items I did purchase so my bullshit detector is now going off like crazy and it occurs to me that maybe I’ve been scammed. This sounds an awful lot like a protection racket. Nor was the kid I was speaking to polite about it!
I thank him kindly and hang up. I’ll take the laptop in to my local tech store to make sure and ask them to de-install this mess. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. DO NOT INSTALL THIS PRODUCT (it’s counter-productive and you’ll never get rid of it)

Shelby Peterson says

I have Cyberdefender. I have had more problems with my computer since getting it than I ever had before. The 24/7 line is nice, but to fix my computer the tech download a bunch of freeware and try to fix my computer. So far they have not been able to fix it so I guess I have to take it to a real tech. Waste of $250.

Charles Moline says

I have had a terrible experience with the techs. The company does not live up to its’ promise to fix your computer problem. Encountered inept techs, a tech who told me his troubles and said he would rather be somewhere else, and a supervisor who refused to answer an email. After 3 weeks of the techs trying to fix my problem, all they did was make the problem worse. To “fix” your computer, they download freeware programs anyone can find and use, then incompletely remove the software. I am convinced their cyberdefender software is designed to cause more problems than fix the one already existing so the customer has to keep calling back They offer a complete refund if they can’t fix the problem, but they don’t stsnd behind this claim. I removed their software, did a Google search, found what I was looking for, and fixed the problem myself. I wasted #239.95.

Jack Wilson says

A friend of mine told me to check out Malwarebytes and when I clicked on the link he gave me I accidently clicked on an advertisement that took me to Cyberdefender. What a MISTAKE I made!! I downloaded the “Fee?” scanner and it supposedly found all kinds of malware and Trojans, but to remove it, I needed to pay $29. I did. Another mistake. Soon as it went into “Fixing” my computer, I started having crashes and weird pop ups come up, even audio popups. So I called the Cyberdefender 800# and after waiting at least 30 minutes I finally got an answer. “No problem, just go to a web site and put in your email address and then type in the code that I give you now”. I do that, with him on the phone, and he gets into my computer and tells me I have all kinds of problems, many of them possibly very “Dangerous” but not to worry, he can get a high tech (higher tech than him I guess) to fix the problem. Only thing is, it’s $299 but guaranteed to get it running as good as new!. I told him I could almost buy a new one for that amount and then he begins the sales pitch about what nice computer I’ve got and the actually shows me on my laptop when he goes to Best Buy web page and shows me that the GEEK Squad charges the same price, but I would have to take it to them. He can fix it now. OK…I’m worried that I’ve got bad stuff on my computer, so I do it and give them my credit card to charge (Yeah, I know, I’m an idiot) They begin to clean things off while I’m watching and tell me it’s clean. They get off, I reboot, and get notified that I’ve got a Trojan Downloader so I call back to the “Premier Customer Line”….HAHAHAHAA, premier customer line is a joke too! I wait another 30-45 minutes, no help. Meanwhile, I’m beginning to wonder about my friend directing me here and realize that I was re-directed from Malwarebytes.com to Cyberdefender.com. Now I’m pissed! I do a Google search and find one hell of a lot of people who’ve been scammed like me. So I go to the Better Business Bureu on line and put in their name. They have a “B” rating, but appears that it would be lower than that except that they “settled” some complaints. So on 6/29/2010 I filed a BBB complaint explaining how I felt I had been scammed and cheated and now I can’t even get their software off my computer. I do an uninstall and still have Cyberdefender Link Patrol listed but won’t let me uninstall it now and the Trojan Downloader is back again. Probably due to the BBB complaint, I did receive a partial re-imbursement ($170) but I still have the Trojan on my computer. Just seems strange to me that I really didn’t have the problems I’ve got right now until I went to Cyberdefender. I feel they use very unethical business practices! I feel that if I get rid of the Cyberdefender Link Patrol, I will get rid of the Trojan.

Lesley says

We recently made the mistake of purchasing cyber defender. Not only was the “tech” support just a customer service representative with no knowledge of computers, we were told that our computer was essentially shot but for an easy $300 and five hours they could fix it. CyberDefender advertises that if you cannot fix the problem for the initial $40 you can have you money back.

Not only did they NOT credit our account the $40, I spent an hour on the phone with a customer service rep in the billing department who was not only rude but totally incompetent. She gave me three different employee ID numbers and refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor. She also told me it would take 1-2 months for the money to be credited to our account.

We will just go through AmEx and have the charge canceled. Ineffective product and horrid customer service.

William Walker says

I purchased cyberdefender. High pressure sales pitches.
I was to get two $50 rebates – one for services and one for case. I filled out numerous mail and e-mail forms but never received anything. This is an expensive crooked outfit. Stay away from them. And btw, the product stinks.

Elaine Ferguson says

I made the mistake of purchasing Cyberdefender to get an older computer running faster. Since I have three computers, I bought the three package with 24/7 service. They worked on the older Dell computer and the guy that fixed it messed it up so badly, I have to loss all the stuff on my hard drive to get it fixed, so it is sitting there waiting to be taken to someone locally. Then I started having problems with my new computer. There worked on it and now I have the same problem, a hard drive taht cannot be seen by the system, so they gave me to the second tier people and they could not fix it either. What a waste of money, and I guess it will cost a fortune to get my stuff off both damaged hard drives. Stay away from Cyber Defender.

anita linden says

I have tried recently to call for help and been left on the line on the for so long I gave up. What has happened to this promising company?

Dale K says

Please, please, please do not purchase this software. After installing, my computer was slower than ever. I could not do anything. It took me two days to remove all the crap that was installed. Save your money!

Larry Lamartina says

CYBERDEFENDER is a nightmare I had them work on 4 of my computers and they are worse than when I started with them all 4 have been left in different stages. Its hard to explain,I could talk all night on how bad this product is. Please take my word on this stay as far away from this company as you can.I paid 300.00 dollars to service 4 computers for one year and when I bitched and complained they said they would only be able to refund 150.00 This is the biggest scammmmm on the internet

Wiser now says

I had a striking similiar experience as reported by deedee (above, dated 27 August 2009). Cyberdefender’s EDC slowed my P4 system to a crawl. When I had their technician look at my system remotely, I was also told that only a microsoft technician could fix my system. And just like deedee’s situation, there was mention of GeekSquad who offers to fix computers for 300.00 but Cyberdefender’s technicians could fix mine for 249.99. Foolishly, I bought it. After numerous emails and phone calls, I’m told I will get a refund on the software (which was supposed to be 29.99, but
they billed me $64.97). Supposedly, they will refund half of my one year protection plan, but claim it will take 2 billing cycles. The Early Detection Center program, at least on my system, consumed significant resources and as I mentioned earlier, slowed my computer down to the point that it became annoying. Removing their software restored my system’s performance to its previous level. I monitored the remote session as two technicians hastily glanced at my MSCONFIG startup tab, yet neither one noted that there was a wmsdk64_32.exe file starting up from a temp folder. I removed this file myself, after researching it on the internet, even though the technicians claimed my issues were resolved. They close your case as being resolved so as to prevent you from getting any refund on the one-year contract. This is nothing short of a snowjob. I would not recommend their software and wonder if some portion of all those ‘positive’ posts above are actually bogus. There is no way that their EDC software can be described as being problem-free. My dialup connection was constantly being engaged and
there were numerous attempts to uninstall my AVG antivirus, which I cancelled each time that that process was initiated. I haven’t had any problems since removing the EDC software. In hindsight, it would have been wiser to check the various search engines for Cyberdefender complaints first, which would have saved me wasted time and money. How the BBB continues to endorse their site is beyond my understanding. Makes me wonder if the BBB is REALLY llooking out for us consumers.

KT says

Public Notice to CyberDefender Executives,
Gary Guseinov, Kevin Harris & Igor Barash.

RE: Investigation of Allegations and Facts
have commenced about the following descriptive event.

As a web programmer, I’m investigating the
Cyber Phishing Trace for incident that
occurred against one of my clients. Initial
tracing via IP’ network pathways indicates
that either your company or “rogue” used a
“link hack” with “Javascript redirect” so that
my client was redirected from my link to that
of CyberDefender.com You charged my client, K. Nixon, for services I already provide to her at her requests. Your CyberDefender representative or “rogue” claimed “work must be done immediately to save her computer” and my client was lead to believe I’m affiliated with your company (clearly misrepresenting the facts).

Regarding my clients PC problem. All that was necessary was to “Restore” her computer to earlier date and stop some services in the processes of her “Task Manager.” For this simple PC service task
CyberDefender reportedly ran charges well in excess of $200 to her bank account yesterday (& the exact amount will verified this Monday at her bank).

I’ve joined my client to remedy this problem that has cost me time and her money because of the unethical and unauthorized “link redirect” described in the aforementioned. I’m recommending my client seek legal counsel to remedy her losses and stop these deceptive practices against innocent citizens and “netizens.”

Simple Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches reveal the number of complaints against your company are reaching viral proportions online, a clear “red flag” in the decision to do business with your company. It appears
responding to countless complaints have required your CyberDefender employees to monitor and respond to the onslaught of complaints in an expedient manner.

Either you are a victim too or are collaborating with other entities involved in hacks to redirect unsuspecting individuals to your website(s). We’re giving you the benefit of the doubt to join with us to remedy this problem in the event you are victim too.

We anticipate your prompt attention to this matter. Contact info for K. Nixon can be found in yesterday’s CyberDefender batch transactions which is easy to find with your technology.

K. Nixon Web’Affiliate

Sandra says

How did any of you manage to cancel it? I foolishly signed up 1 week ago and have regretted it ever since. I can not get in touch with anyone about cancelling. I am promised return phone calls from an account manager but have not been successful. I bought the $292 package…I know, foolish.

Sandra says


Tampa Bay says

Don’t be fooled. I purchased the software($299.95) last week. I have had nothing but trouble with my laptop. The drive runs constantly loading software. I am unable to use the machine. I have made several calls to the touted tech center only to be told I call the wrong 800 they give me another and noone can help me tecnically, they tell me someone will call shortly, this never happens. I asked for cust srvs and was given the runaround that an acct specialist will call me, that was two days ago with no call. Don’t waste your time and money with this ripoff.

Jeannie says

I purchased CyberDefender because my daughter is a singer and has to have some of her lessons over the road on the internet and my computer was crashing like crazy. I knew it wouldn’t make a one hour lesson! Well after purchasing the software and downloading it then scanning/cleaning/deleting my junk/spyware ect.. My computer doesn’t crash anymore and my reciept was like $39 and was well worth every penny. I highly reccomend this product. I did have my own antivirus ESET (free download) and I did refuse to let them look at my computer from their computer. No way that freaked me out a little. lol

admin says

I am sorry to hear so many of you have had problems.

Try downloading Stopzilla

Jeff says

This company should be investigated by the DOJ.
It is a true scam. I agree with very negative thing written about this company and it’s “products”.
BUYER BEWARE. They will extract over $300 from you with the hope of fixing your PC. After two attempts to “fix” it, it is worse now than when I started. Of course that’s part of the scam… they want you to be dependent on their “services” so they can extract even more.
I can’t even uninstall it! They keep forcing you to call their lousy company in hopes that they can sell you even more services. Their marketing techniques are disgusting.
I am demanding my money back but according to the frustrations voiced by others, it will be a long battle. Thank goodness for social networks and the internet. It’s the only true weapon we have against such unethical companies like these.

Stacy says

I downloaded a freee scan and it has hi-jacked my computer. My computer is slow and pop ups are constant including one that is trying to block the start up of ALL of my programs. I have called and emailed them for assistance removing their program with no help. They want to tell me that it is a virus. I downloaded stopzilla who has told me there is no virus in it.
DON”T DO IT! Stay as far away from this one as you can.

Wiser now says

If you’re considering their software, request an email confirmation beforehand where they acknowledge 1) the specific price of the product (to ensure you
aren’t overcharged as I was) and 2) the time frames they would process a refund, should you request one.

As I previously indicated (13 August 2010), having purchased their one year (recurring billing) remote diagnostic plan, you aren’t likely to get a complete refund of that plan should you change your mind. Although I decided to cancel that plan on the same day, and they told me they would charge me $120.00 (out of the $249.00 plan price), for a diagnostic session (which was hardly impressive). Little did I recognize at the moment that at the conclusion of that remote session, which was rather short in duration, they will close my case as being
‘resolved’. In turn, this then justifies not refunding my full plan payment because they performed a service and their technician closed the case.

After that session was ended, I still could not access .txt files on my computer and simply discovered I only needed to change file associations.
And I manually removed a malware file that I found in the MSCONFIG startup files listing – something their technician glanced at for only a few seconds and did not note.

Talking with their technicians did involve a sales pitch and scare tactics, in my opinion. In fact, there was more emphasis on this aspect as opposed to
thoroughly examining my system. So in hindsight, I have to chalk this bad experience up to my failure in not researching Cyberdefender more thoroughly beforehand. In my unqualified opinion, the complaints
and issues raised by a significant number of people, speaks for itself.

It’s not too farfetched (for me) to believe that some posters, who claim that the product does everything it claims, aren’t what they appear to be.

I recognize that software and computer configurations can vary widely, with different results. Obviously, software isnt’ perfect since its often subjected to many different situations. But even with this in mind, I am inclined to believe that my bad experience with Cyberdefender was predicatable and foreseeable, had I done a little homework. I’m convinced that the scales tip more in the direction of not using
their products, given my experience and the signficant number of negative complaints about the products and after-purchase support.

It’s extremely difficult to wade through all the promises and claims one finds on the internet when it comes to speeding up your computer or resolving problems. It seems we’re teased and bedazzled
with all sorts of glitter, guarantees and promises. But there’s always loopholes in which those guarantees and promises can be sidestepped
and it takes a bad experience to wisen us up.

Whenever I come across website names like “speedup my pc”, “max my pc” or somthing similar, I think twice.

Benjamin says

dont do it. its a scam. cyber defender is a rogue software. they will hijack your computer and scam you. i have a freind who downloaded it but it screwed his computer up. it blocks everything and wont let him delete it. he called them atleast 5 times and they told him that if he paid $299.95 they would delete it. they put him on hold for about 9 minutes and then hung up on him. he called again and demanded that they fixed it and in about 5 seconds it was done. dont download this scam.

Kenisha Scott says

I wish I had researched this product beforehand. Tech support is not 24hrs. If you call on the weekend, you will get a recording about ‘unusually high tech probems’ or something. I am so frustrated with the hijacking of my computer. It is slower than it ever was. Please do your homework first.

Wiser Now says

Referring to Kenisha Scott’s response, I fully agree with the suggestion to ‘do your homework first’ before (possibly) having your hopes dashed on one of these speed-up-my-pc type claims. Not that all
are bad, but it couldn’t hurt to do some research beforehand.

Although I think I’m much wiser after having learned such an expensive lesson (I still have yet to receive the refunds promised on the same day of purchase), it is nonetheless frustrating because I already had
the knowledge to resolve my own issues. I simply jumped the gun and fell for the typical sales pitches which seem to be almost common with this company.

I remain of the opinion that while guarantees, promises and claims can be made to sound attractive and failsafe, companies can resort to using a variety of methods to side-step and get around actually
having to live up to those. That’s reality and a harsh lesson.

I think what initially persuaded me to commit myself to a purchase stemmed from having seen the BBB logo displayed on the main site page. Personally, I don’t understand how the BBB can still endorse the company, based upon all the complaints I’ve read
and my actual experience. I plan on sending a complaint to them.

A special thank you to pcnineoneone.com for giving us the opportunity to share our experiences and views. And for providing other helpful information as well.

Larry Lamartina says

Stay as far away from this company as you can.
I let them work on 4 of my computers not doing any research on them it was the biggest mistake I have made in my life.One of my computers I had to wipe it clean and reinstall the operating system one I have trashed and the other two are still being worked on by another company to try and save them.I don’t know what it is that they install on your computer, but all they want to do is sell software that screws up your machine they will not optomize it or anything else they will only install software on your machine and uninstall any anti virus software you have and tell you thats your problem.
If you use this company your computer will never be the same and it will cost lots of money to have it fixed. I know I’ve been through it.

Tony says

Yes, every negative thing on here is true. Unlike Macafee, you don’t ever really install the solution. They force you into calling. Then they prey on the fact (or assume you) you don’t know anything about computers. I told her that I didn’t want to spend $171/ for a 1 time or $370 for a 3 year unlimited. She was noticably pissed. I told her I was going to reimage my c: drive, she told me it wouldn’t fix anything. At that point I knew it was a scam. I reimaged, and I was golden. I like Macafee now, and it’s like $43 after taxes for 3 licenses. Best of all, the software actually works. I don’t have to call a support line.

carlos maury says

Do NOT download this software. NOT EVEN THE FREE TRIAL
After my Norton subscription expired, I wanted to save a few dollars on my next antivirus software. BAD IDEA. I fell for the free trial thing. After I ran it, and it found so many “threats” I was indicated I had to buy the product in order to have them removed. At $ 39.99 I thought it was a steal as compared to $ 60 from Norton. A week later, I bought a computer for my business and decided to buy the same software for this one also. BIG MISTAKE. I tried to have them to give me a discount, but they’d said I had to purchase their software the same day in order to qualify for any discount. “No biggie”, I thought. “ I got a great software at a very low price”, and boy I couldn’t get any more wrong.
After the 3rd month, my home computer started to give me errors, I ran the software and nothing. I called them and one of their “technicians” got remote control of my computer and found a virus. He started to put fear on me about how hackers could access my bank accounts, ssn and other types of personal and financial information. Since I had saved my tax info in my hard drive, I got a little paranoid about having my id stolen, and that’s what the guy on the telephone was emphasizing on. I thought it was very low to try to scare people by saying that, but the saddest part is that I fell for that.
I was told I had to pay them around $ 300 to have it fixed and that this premium purchase would protect up to 3 different computers. I asked them why I had to pay if I had paid for an antivirus that didn’t do what it was supposed to do. I was told that no antivirus in the market was 100% reliable, and that I could’ve got a virus even with my previous Norton software.
The sales pitch also included price comparison with best buy geek Squad prices and the bad actor I had as a sales rep just kept whispering “oh my God, this is terrible” as he was going through the “infected” files.
Needless to say, I was dumb enough to fall for it and paid for that premium. My computer was fixed after 25 minutes of remote access from those people. Here comes the interesting part:
For my second purchase, I’d used a different email address and another billing address, because it was for my business, and almost a year before my subscription was up, guess what…. A VIRUS!!!!!! My business computer was acting crazy. I called them, and I was given a very similar sales pitch. I was even told the same thing about antivirus not being 100% effective. When they started to tell me about the cost to fix my computer, I told them I was a premium customer under a different email address, they checked it and fixed my work computer.
My guess is that these people either damage their customers’ computers with their software or that they leave bugs behind so that computers will get infected in order for them to sell the premium services.
Just today, a message showed up in my computer saying that my software was for auto renewal sometime next month. I called them and I told them I didn’t want to be charged again for their lousy product. They tried to give me discounts, free trials, etc. I told them if I noticed any charges from them to get ready to get sued.

roger says

i do believe the previous post points it out quite well. i wish i would have read it before signing up.
MAX MY SPEED…was the radio commercial i responded to. the problem is all 4 or 5 providers are tied in together and YOU WILL GET CONTINUOS BLOCKAGE from all.
it is a great scam, i will admit to…

Mike Fanelli says

The same thing happened to me. Some “tech” guy showed all the errors my computer had accumulated. I bought the registry cleaner and the anti-spyware/virus package for over $300.00. The system has never worked right. If I want to run a full spyware “scan” I get an error message that Windows encountered a problem and had to shut down. Just yesterday I called them saying I think I have some type of virus on my computer. If I do a Google search I get redirected to some other site; and I get some message warning me that my computer is infected. They did a scan and found two viruses. I thought the syustem was supposed to prevent viruses? Not to mention, my motherboard was fried right after I got into this scam. I am going to call to see if I can get half my money back and I’m going back to Macafee.

Wiser now says

In hindsight (where vision is always 20-20), it might have been interesting had I recorded the telephone conversations with their technicians. There wouldn’t
be much doubt as to the use of scare tactics and high pressure sales pitches.

Indeed, some computer issues can appear to be extraordinarly complex — but that does not mean that they actually are. Unfortunately, I think most of us are often intimidated by the OS, software, maintaining good computer health and so forth. Good marketeers easily recognize and take advantage of this weakeness.

So we (as consumers), are partially at fault if we don’t take the time beforehand to research a product or its claim via our search engines. I’m as guilty of this as anyone because while I’m still very much
a novice computer user, I knew better and was well aware of basic windows tips, maintenance habits for my desktop, the OS and that sort of thing.

But when some smooth talking technician gets to talking about RUNDLL’s, Prefetch folders and other terms where it’s suggested ‘you’ve got a major problem that only a microsoft technician can solve’,
it doesn’t take long where you start believing that you may indeed have a serious issue.

The incessant references to viruses, malware, security issues and even specific windows system files can get even novice computer users worried, especially over the phone. So it’s easy to understand how people, who aren’t computer savvy at all, can be misled or taken advantage of. Terms such as ‘speed up my pc’ or ‘my clean pc’, etc. sound very attractive. Even the television commercials that I’ve seen seem to rely upon ‘scare’ tactics, to some extent.

Registering their software over the phone offers them the opportunity to dazzle you or me (as potential customers), with suggestions as to how to resolve our ‘issues’. When the comparison with geek squad’s
services versus how they can fix issues remotely was introduced, I should have been more cognizant of their sales pitch.

Again in hindsight, all these little red flags should have raised suficient doubt, but I allowed myself to be swayed by scare tactics. Any technician who suggests that it’s perfectly fine to maintain two antivirus products concurrently isn’t too swift.

It was only after the fact, that I decided to apply a little effort and common sense. I found I only needed to correct a file association and to remove a
malware file that I located in my MSCONFIG startup. Their technician missed both on their remote session. Seems to me that reviewing startup files is relevant and should be thorough. Changing the swap file size and purging the prefetch folders was not the solution as their technician choose to do.
The technician marked the session as being ‘closed’ and resolved, which puts them in the position that they performed a service.

Had I taken the time in analyzing my own problem via the search engines (which I did afterwards and found my own solutions), I would have saved considerable time and expense. I think I’m more critical of my poor judgment than I am of the company we’re talking about.

Use your search engines to research windows tips or whatever issue or question you have. Before you decide to purchase some ‘miracle’ program, such as what we’re discussing here, research the product
(i.e. complaints) beforehand as well.

After two months, I finally managed to recoupe some portion of the monies I spent – but it required numerous phone calls and many emails to different Cyberdefender representatives. You should document your efforts to resolve disputes, disagreements, etc.

Best of luck to those who posted comments here. And as for all those on-site testimonials we’re always confronted with, take them with a grain of salt.

roger says

why did it take so long for my negative comment to show up and one still has not been listed

i was able to negotiate with cyberdefender and work out
a program we can both live with. i found their technicians most proficient; unless you have advanced
training and education in programming, do not mess
with the bios
i was continously attacked by the microsoft.com essentials
bullshit to the point where my computer was unusable.
after 6 hours cyberdefender took care of my problem.
between comcast and cyberdefender i found out more about internet and computer operations than any class or education can offer.

roger says

i shall keep this site updated.
this is a slippery slope, but so is signing up for
tupperware or amway.

Chris Alexander says

Cyberdefender is a scam; stay away from them. They hook you in by making you purchase a program online, but it can’t be activated until you call them. Once you call, they tell you they are going to refund your purchase, but, of course, you need to purchase a higher-price product. Fortunately, I was recording my call with the representative, so I need to decide what to do with it. Again, stay away from them; use someone local if you want to take advantage of these kind of services.

roger says

a major vehicle of infection has been the adobe 10.1 update and now adobe even admits this. between my registry cleaner and virus and spyware provided by cyberdender has evidently caught and cleaned this. i was told if i increased my ram my computer would run faster and better. bullshit. once your computer is infected and you never clean your registry, your computer will run so slow, that soon it will drive you nuts, just like it did me. i have to admit, having professional technical assistance real time, is a value that is hard to put a price on. i now know it from a personal prospective. like i said before, unless you know everything about your computer bios and how it works, you will know exactly what i mean. good luck on your own journey…

Maggie says

Add another one who got duped by CyberDefender. Ditto just about every other negative review. Computer is worse after installing, they want to charge $170 for their tech’s time and we’re still fighting that charge. I cancelled w/in 24 hours. Unbelievable. I will definitely make it one of my missions to warn everyone about this awful company.

Susan says

We subscribed to CyberDefender in August, 2009, and were very pleased with their service for the first year. Unfortunately, their quality of service has deteriorated drastically in the last 4-6 months. I would NOT RECOMMEND anyone purchase this service (October 19, 2010).

Initially we received prompt and excellent service; one call to the 800 number connected us to a technician in India who would work until the problem was solved–sometimes up to 14 hours; those folks were great.

NOW-we are shuffled from person to person, needing to repeat our subscription information and a description of our problem at least 3 times; we are told that a technician will contact us, and wait hours (anywhere from 1-10 hours) for the call back. They appear to have no way to leave an “open ticket”, so we give the information again. The quality of service from the technicians (now based in the US) has also dropped; they seem eager to correct the basic problem and move on to the next customer.

We are totally frustrated with this service and hope to find a replacement as soon as possible.

Dave says

Cyberdefender? In my opinion “Cyberfiasco”

Brief discussion of my experience with Cyberdefender.

Several weeks ago you worked on my machine and got a few things fixed. Below is the correspondence that you wrote toward the end of the session.

Communication and reply with Cyberdefender


I wanted to thank you for being a Premium member of the CyberDefender family.

I am finished with the computer. As discussed, the issue with the CyberDefender Anti-Virus program was the fact that it was the older
version. I removed it, and installed the latest version, so that problem should be resolved. Regarding the CyberDefender Registry
Cleaner, it seems like there is some software on here that is causing the Registry Cleaner to stall and hang. I wasn’t able to find out
which program was causing the conflict, but I have found a work-around. Prior to starting a scan with the Registry Cleaner, make sure
to un-check the second box, titled “USER SOFTWARE SETTINGS.” Then, you can proceed with the scan and it will not stall. I tested it
out, and works just fine like that.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us at
866.793.0454, or contact me directly at (email taken out to protect person submitting). Also, I noticed how you were having some issues
dealing with some of the technicians here. If you have any other issues, or if the problem has not been resolved, please send me an
email and I will get back to you ASAP.

Have a great day, and once again, thank you!


First off the phone number doesn’t work as you get to talk to someone that just basically asks who you are, checks the account to make sure you have paid, then forwards the problem out to CyberSpace! If someone happens to pick up the phone again, you are asked all over again the same potlicking information as before…and so it goes on..

Well the Rundll32paretologic error still persists and the machine is running slower than before, when I have multiple programs up. It never used to. I talked with some rep from CyberDefender yesterday afternoon. She was in accounting but was also supposed to help take care of calls from people that were upset… Poor Gal….She apologized for the multiple calls I had to make the last time before you worked on the machine, which took approximately 1.5 days of my working time to start to get corrected. I might mention here that it cost me over $500.00 in working time to wait to have a tech look at the computer….that is the cost before they took over.

Well here we go again. Here is another log from last evening. I asked April, can you have the work done by 2 am in the morning? Yes, was the reply. I came down at 3 expecting to have had the work completed…


8:10 PM Checking configuration…

8:10 PM Connecting…

8:10 PM Checking configuration…

8:10 PM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.

8:12 PM Support session established with “A”

8:12 PM You have granted full permission to “A” To revoke, click the red X on the toolbar or press Pause/Break on the keyboard.

8:12 PM Remote Control started by “A”.

8:12 PM Logon password has been set for unattended reboot.

8:15 PM Transferring session to another technician…

8:15 PM Remote Control by “A” stopped.

3:37 AM David has revoked all permissions

Once again, my time is not important. I have a couple of questions if you can answer them for me….

1- If you guys are good at fixing the computers, why do i have to turn off one of the items in the scan registry…that seems to be the problem that may be hanging me up?

2- Are you guys so overworked that you cannot handle the calls? Do the guys in India still work for CyberDefender or not? If so can they handle an overflow of calls when the people in the U.S. can’t? If not what is their number? Can I call them Direct?

3- Lastly and probably more painful….”Is management so stupid that they think this type of business practice won’t catch up with them or are they just looking at becoming so large that they are looking to sell out before too many people recognize the lack of leadership it takes to make the company run properly.

4- You techs have got to be as frustrated as the customers…Knowing that the longer people have to wait…The more upset they become.

I know things are tough in the employment picture, however, given the lack of leadership and initiative, that your corporate people are showing, you may want to jump ship and go somewhere where, 1- the higher ups care more about you and the customer than they do their overstuffed paycheck… 2- get with a company that has a forward direction rather than going in circles because that is where we are with my computer….just going in circles.

I will most likely try to find another company that can fix the issues at hand, or a computer geek, as I really question whether cyberdefender can anymore. They may be able to, if enough time is alloted, but I don’t have that much time. I have called the phone number that you listed up above, and still got the runaround….I have also read a number of testimonials with people with similar issues-poor service.

This is a copy of the stupid reply some brain has figured out to send to people when they get fed up with waiting….

Dear Customer, On behalf of CyberDefender Corporation, we would like to thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. This email serves as a notification and confirmation that we have received your inquiry, and that you should expect a response from us within 24 hours

The above message is from your auto response….

Problem is it took over 2 weeks to have someone call me back…Maybe instead of hours, the corporate person should make at least one honest decision today when they get in and change the hours, at the end of the 24 hours into “24 Days” just take out one little word and add another… That is more representative and truthful from my experience with Cyberdefender the last 30 days.

When I was talking with the rep that answered the phone last night, I asked her before I hung up, Can you get this done before 2AM or not…Oh Yes! says she….I am sure we can…

Well, when you look through past logs and see the promises made I am sure you can see a commonality in the lack of attention. That has to be attributed to poor leadership…poor common sense….If you, (When I say You, I am referring to Cyberdefender) can’t serve the people that you already have contracts with to serve, why would a company take on more? Why would they burden their workforce more? You see, the Cyberdefender ship is going in circles..No Rudder…NO Leadership of any worth…

Even I, someone who knows nothing about computers and how to repair them….Even I know that if I don’t know, Or, Don’t have enough techs to take care of things, Even I know something good has to come about if I were to want to stay in business, like hire more techs and or work out a deal for overflow work to where the people can be taken care of, ie: The Guys in India, Rather than load my wallet with more money before the product I am selling, non-service service catches up with me. Poor corporate planning and short sightedness…Its about money, saving it and putting it in someones pocket…Someone that deserves the bonus at the end of the quarter or monthly…Take in more customers!!!!! We are number one!!!! when they, Corporate Leader, really mean take in more suckers…. Get me more money…..

If I were the guys in India, I would break away from CyberDefender, if they haven’t already, and start a new company, one with service oriented people that get results….That is what they furnished before it came to the U.S.

After reading this I don’t know whether you will respond or not Mr. “C”. My feelings toward Cyberdefender are not toward you as an individual unless you are the CEO or Owner, but the extremely poor mentality of the company owner to where they don’t see what is happening. In the end, either you will be bought out, or the company will close its doors…. Non service should not be rewarded. My advice whether you are able to help, or not, is “The ship is still sinking, I would find someone, meaning a good company, to go to work for that does what they say they will do! And where management doesn’t put you in the cross hairs of people who are fed up with the lack of service, and unkept promises.

I have spent almost another hour and one half writting this little note trying to edit out my real feelings….keeping it clean. I just wish your CEO, or whatever the heck he or she is, were able to read this. Over the years I have found that what I have experienced, many others have also experienced those same trials, and or feelings. I guess what I am trying to say is, If this is the way I feel, I can assure you that there are others out there with my same feelings and thoughts or worse. I started this email at 3 am this morning it is now 5 am.

Before finishing this I went on the internet around 4: 30 or so, to see what others may have to say..I thought before I send this I ought to see if anyone else has had the same or similar experience….there is a good number of others feeling the same way as I do from what I can see. What a shame. From what I understand in the testimonials, it will be hard to get rid of all of cyberdefender from my machines if that is what it is going to come to. It may cost a pretty penny, but then again, If I can find someone to trust, it may just be worth it.

Sam says

Go ahead and buy this junk if you are an avid English teacher with alot of time on your hands, retired would be good. Talk about the old runaround program with the lack of understanding the English language. WOW ,I didn’t think anyone could frustrate me like that but what do I know, I was dumb enough to purchase it in the first place wasn’t I ? Avoid cyber defender like the Plague. I was ready to slit my wrist’s after an hour of their nonsense !

Ant-Defender! says

No Way! Do not get involved with these people! Worst experience ever! I am so upset with them and they do not fix your computer and they do not provide ANY LEVEL OF SERVICE! You waste your time on the phone…if they answer at all! It is so important for me to share with you…they are awful and I would not reccommend Cyberdefender to ANYONE! STAY AWAY!

Ant-Defender! says


Larry says

I first started using Cyberdefender about three years ago. At that time, when there was a problem, you called, was connected to a technician in India and he fixed your problem. They were amazing! At some point they added support in the U.S. for Americans. I was pleased because there is no reason that jobs have to go overseas. However, as you can see from the different tone of the reviews from earlier reviews to now the service from Cyberdefender has devolved drastically. Now you get a gatekeeper who checks your account. Then they give you a code so that a technician can take control of your computer. This is all fine except that the technician can take several hours (I just gave up after waiting 7 hours) to days. The last problem I had I called several times and was assured each time that it would be handled urgently. After two days I called in and paid for a technician to come in and fix the problem. It might just be growing pains but I would strongly advise anyone considering getting Cyberdefender to wait until their internal problems are worked out.

    marie says

    I had the same problem with them this weekend…9 FREAKIN HOURS!!!!! I have better ways to spend my Sat. I will NOT renew…do not buy this product!!! The Customer service is AWFUL…

james says

Horrible service.

Jan says

Save your time and money. CYBERDEFENDER is a nightmare I had them work on 2 of my computers and they are worse than when I started now I get the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH daily.I paid 300.00 dollars to service 2 computers for three years It has be two months and they are not solving this yet have had me uninstall most of my software that I use saying it is a problem with the software. (Funny that I didn’t have any problems before and NEVER the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH until CYBERDEFENDER

Calling their billing department at 866-793-0454. Hoping to get a refund of at least the major protion of the cost because I have 2 1/2 years left of the contract.

Steve J says

First of all, I wanted to address some of the comments that I’ve read above. Some stating that increasing your RAM, it doesn’t end up improving your computer? That the software interface is a rogue? That your computer can be hijacked!? COMMON PEOPLE!!!!! First of all, look up what they offer. Their software does work, but granted, NO software is 100% effective against every single threat on the internet! So the tech support is something that is valued only because it’s something that Microsoft, Dell, Apple, etc – all kind of computer manufactures recommend to have done about 4 times a year! You own a car? Ever hear of preventative maintenance? And the program they use to log in? Yes, it creates a remote connection between the two computers – yours and the technicians. However, if you notice during the connection being established, you have a bunch of messages that pop up. Those tell you exactly what’s going on. And if you took the couple seconds to read, it’s a connection that once it’s closed, it’s closed FOR GOOD! Look up the application – and you’ll see that if you close/terminate the session, it cannot be reopened, so it’s not something they can hijack you with. Not only that, but to be safe, they have a fail safe. Shut down your computer for 10 minutes. The program has a 10 minute hang up period – where if the connection is down for 10 minutes, it times out, and closes. Seriously – I know not everyone is a computer technician, but before you shoot your mouth off about being pissed, think about why you called them in the first place. Do a little bit of research to make it so you don’t sound so damn stupid! If I had to work in a place like that and tolerate all the morons that I read comments from on this page, I’d run to a window and throw myself out it to fall to my death. I can’t believe the stupidity of some people. I’m not saying they are a legit company or that it’s worth the money – and I know they use scare and bullying tactics to convince people to buy their software/tech support. But they technically don’t do anything illegal or underhanded. They just offer what they can on their terms like any other company does…..

mike levin says

i signed up after radio ad and agreed to a 2 year contract. after 3 remote techs who i couldnt speak with and four days with numerous hours of waiting in queues i called to cancel and was “walked over” to a senior tech who proved helpful but indicated that there are 4 times as many sales reps as techs in the los angeles site and that they take on many, 5 or 6 cases at a time and are pushed to get thru as many as they can and fast as they can. he receives numerous frustrated and angry clients. he wasvthorough after 3 techs were not and found the driver was the problem. a prior tech messed up the printer and that took two days to get fixed but im not sure it or computer are really.. i am not skilled at tese things. american express has applied my full refund.
after the sales you call for assistance and deal with third world call centers who really not capable of fixing a moderately complex problem or appear to serve as operators to put you in a queue for a technician. they also say they are in los angeles which is a joke. they sell a 24/7 product but when i called at 11 pm they were closed, although they work the techs around the clock in shifts. i was also cut off twice while on the phone. i dont know much about software so cant comment really. the free downlad found 600 problems and i was told i needed a tchnician and sold the deal for two years. i had more problems with the system after they worked on it initially and was calling to cancel before i got any real help. frustrating and nightmarish. its on my computer now, i think AMEX is protecting me with a refund but now what. do i remove
it and how? i still have a mcafee subscription.

CyberDefenderAgent says





I have had their Registry Cleaner and tech service since May 2010. There service is crap, they never fix it, just today 4/9/11, after 4-hours of waiting they did nothing, no call or service. If they ever do get to your computer they will clean it, at least they did mine, but this week on Wednesday 4/5/11, I called corporate office to get work done which they did by the time I got home. Not the greatest of company

bob l says

Cyber Defender used to be to knotch. Very quick to asnwer and solid expertise. Recently they changed their methods so be ware. Takes a long long time to talk to a rep – sometimes days! You are screened by reps that do not understand english that tell you you will get a call back, it dosnt happen. I think that they are having financial issues and are scaling back personel. Dont waste your $ on this right now.

Jim says

I have had CyberDefender for about three years on three different computers and I think it is great. Yes, their advertisements are terrible and misleading. And once you download the free scan it is like a trojan that won’t go away.

However once I joined I got great service. I eventually upgraded to their premium service which allowed me access to technicians in the US that spoke West Coast English instead of some variety of English they have in India which I had a difficult time understanding.

The program they install doesn’t catch everything but no program will. What is great is that if you are having a problem you can call them 24 hours a day and they will take over your computer remotely and work on it, sometimes for hours. You can just go about your business and they will call when it is done. Only once did they not fix things to my satisfaction. Another call got it working right.

I recommended it to others and they all like it. I really can’t understand someone saying that the service isn’t good. Yes, I understand how their scam like advertising is an irritation. Yes, I think with a free program I might be able to clear all the problems myself but I have neither the time or inclination to do so. To me it is worth just to be able to call and let them fix the problems.

I will say CyberDefender is infinitely better than Norton and McAfee which are close to useless as far as I am concerned. I am a happy CyberDefender customer and really can’t understand the service complaints. Advertising, yes. Billing I don’t know about since I never had a problem in that respect.

D. Moore says

I first purchased Cyberdefender in 2009 after a some malware infected my computer and my regular virus protection did not detect nor did windows defender. They cleaned up my computer (was using XP) and restored it to fully functional. I purchased the premium 2 year 3 computer policy and had excellent service, sure some times it took 10 minutes to get connected to the service tech but once on line everything went smoothly. I up dated my computer to windows 7 and still have great support. I renewed my policy in April for another 2 years. I still receive good service when I call, however sometimes there is a longer wait time before the tech with start working your problem. I did stop the automatic renewal I did not authorize, this was mentioned in a few of the other comments as a problem. likewise when I first purchased I was not aware of this policy. Like wise I did get some great service techs from India but also a couple that were so so or just were not interested in spending a lot of time checking everything. I hope cyber-defender will continue to provide service and not become more prone to selling their product and leaving their present customers on hold as some have stated in their comments. This will be the deciding factor if I will be renewing when the time comes. consider the fact they can not repair defective memory or a failed components over the phone but may help you with replacement instructions and check out once the part is replaced, or new program installed.

R Riley says

I’ve used Cyberdefender for almost a year and I will not be renewing it. There is absolutely no customer service or help. I changed my email addess shortly after installing the program and have never been able to log in to my online account since. Even after numerous calls and online requests for password help, no one was able to assist me. The last person I spoke with advised me to give my new credit card info over the phone for renewal of the product, the one before that said to try to uninstall and reinstall the software. Unbelievable!!! I did uninstall the program, but the won’t get any more business from me!!!

Hugh says

The software seems okay but the tech support is great. I have a support contact on 4 of my business’s PCs. I can call Cyberdefender on any issue and for the last 3 years, they have been able to correct / fit all of them. They saved me a ton of money on support.

Georgianna Cassatt says

I purchased Cyberdefender only 3 months ago. My business computer was running slow. I decided to purchase their $179.00 a month service. First month, they installed a virus protector, and removed some malware. 1 week ago 8/24/11, I contacted their live tech. My was computer redirecting to yellowpages and their virus protector turned off. The first tech ran some mobo jumbo on my computer and transferred me to another agent. Which I waited for 2 hours. Then this agent number 28 (lets just call him Peggy) popped on my computer and said he will take over my computer. 10:30am at 4:30pm my operating system would not work. He removed Window system 32 files, and rundll files from my computer. I have complained to their customer service dept several times asking for my money back. They have hung up on me, they have offered me $200.00 back. I have made several calls and their promises of refunding my money and returning my calls have not been. They say their work 100 percent guaranteed within 30 days. My calls have been within 48 hours of them crashing my computer. I lost all my data on my computer. Thank you Cyberdefender for standing behind your work.

Chris says

Hi, my name is Chris. I’m a representative from CyberDefender Customer Service. If you have any questions or concerns about CyberDefender products—including MaxMySpeed.com, DoubleMySpeed.com, and MyCleanPC.com—feel free to e-mail me at community @ cyberdefender.com

Thank You,

Art says

Just freed myself from Cyberdefender. I work with photographs and my computer was running slow so I decided to try doublemyspeed.com. What a mistake. I dl the software and it said to call to activate. There I was given two options a 2 year 3 computer program or a 3 year $749 5 computer service to keep my computes running at peak performance. I thought it funny that I was not asked anything about activating my software but I bit on the 3 year deal thinking that if they can keep my PC’s running fast it will be worth it. The techs were very nice people but after 9 days my computers were doing strange things and not running any fast that I could tell. A tech said that I had a fast machine, then another told me I had a very slow machine and only 1.2 Gig of Ram. I have an Intel i7 processor with 12 GB of Ram. This put me through the roof!!! Then they told me I need to turn it off each night. ( as I typed the last sentence and this sentence my computer has stopped responding 3 times for about 30 sec each after they had fixed everything!!) I asked them to restore my computer to as good as it was before they started and I am not sure that they have. Wanted to cancel and receive a refund and have all of their software removed from my computer. They kept $199 of my $749 refunded the balance + 39.95 for the first software that I contacted them about and I had to remove their software from my computer! I thought about disputing it with my credit card company but after 9 days of aggravation, frustration, non production in my business I decided to end it and get them out of my life!!! Maybe I expected to much but I feel as if cyberdefender bent me over a table and did nasty things to me. I will never knowingly purchase or download any of their software. I strongly recommend that you stay away from their products!!!

    admin says

    Hi Art
    Sorry to hear you had all that trouble with Cyberdefender. You can download this tool to fix almost any issue you have with your computer.


Gramma324 says

I have had Cyberdefender for about two years. I have the tech support package, 3 yrs, 5 computers. They have been good about getting our computers out of trouble. They are getting a little to big and it takes a lot longer to get service but I really don’t have any complaints. We have one computer that gives us fits all the time and they manage to coax it back to life again.

Shawn says


I am dealing with the exact same problem!!! I initially purchased the software for 39.98 because my computer was a little sluggish. Of course, the catch is that you have to call to activate it. When I called, nothing was said about activating the software. In fact, to this day, I don’t even have access to the software! Instead, the salesperson, misrepresented as a tech agent, practically pushed me into a 3 year plan for 3 installments of $199. After the first technician worked on my computer, it was never the same again. In a matter of 3 months, my computer has gone from a little sluggish to constantly “Not Responding”, programs crashing, and now the computer is completely crashing. I called to cancel, when the manager offered me a refund of $119 and $39.98 for the software that was supposed to be refunded 3 months ago!. I have spent $640 and have been a customer for 3 months. $640 minus $119 minus $40 equals $481! Do not get mixed up with this company or any of its affiliated products. Trust me, save yourself the time, headaches, and money.

Bev says

Thank you for all the handy information on the web site

Sally Rogers says

I have used CyberDefender for over 3 years for our 2 computers. Whenever I’ve called I have been connected quickly to a rep who has always been able to resolve the problem. I know very little about computers so I am thrilled that this company has been able to take care of everything for me. If I had called for any local computer service to help it would have cost me hundreds. CyberDefender is well worth what I pay for their help.

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