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Daylight savings time changes and computer issues

With the presidents new energy bill daylight savings
time has been moved ahead of schedule by a few weeks.
The government’s reasoning behind the new daylight
savings time is that people may use less electricity
for lighting with the availability of more daylight
in the evening hours.

There have been many concerns by consumers about how
this will affect computers. For networked computers
or proprietary software this may be a concern, but
for home users If you apply your Microsoft updates
and patch any updatable software this should not
be a huge issue.

To insure your system will not be affected simply
visit the websites of the software titles you have
installed on your computer. If there is a known issue
with the new date and the software you have installed
the manufacturer will post the available patch
information on their support pages.

This is not to say all devices wont be affected.
Any device that can not be updated may be affected
by this change.

This change has moved from the month of April to the
second Sunday in March.

Don’t panic, now is the time to start your preparation
for migration to the new time change. Even if you
administer a large network of computers and devices you
still have time to contact your software and hardware
vendors for advice on possible complications.

Don’t get caught up in the hysteria surrounding this issue.

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