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Free Utilities for Security, Productivity, Graphics, Network, Games and Video Editing

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Below you’ll find a selection of outstanding freeware – great programs that are definitely worth downloading and using. We extend our gratitude and respect to the authors of these programs for making them available on the web as well as Scotterpops for creating this unique collection. Take a moment and browse through the different categories. You might be surprised to find a free alternative to a program that you had considered buying. Have fun!

Disclaimer! Download at your own risk. These programs are, in our opinion, the best freeware utilities of their type available. We use many of these programs and have at least tested most of those that we don’t use every day. Still, you should use your Virus Scanner liberally and use discretion when installing software. All downloads here are FREEWARE. Please Support the Authors!

Fun Utilities
Sometimes you just gotta have some fun. Looking for tweakers, customizers and enhancements for your environment? Need an MP3 ripper or player or other such miscellany? Look no further.

Graphics Utilities
Everything you need for graphics viewing or manipulation. Up for some photo editing, picture drawing or other colorful pixel pokery? Come on in and browse.

Internet Utilities
The range of internet related software available is simply amazing. You can do everything from monitor your modem to global virtual private networking. Some of the slickest freeware available falls in this category.

Productivity Utilities
I know, this “Productivity” bit sounds boring, right? Not really. I’ve included some great freeware utilities here that might just change the way you compute. Everything from tiny reminder programs to full blown free Operating Systems are available to help you be more productive.

Security Utilities
It’s a jungle out there. Computer paranoia is becoming a national pastime, and for good reason: They’re all out to get you! You needn’t be defenseless just because you’re parsimonious. Check out some stupendously good freeware for safeguarding your computing investment.

System Utilities
If you’re serious about keeping your computer in tip-top shape step inside. You might just be surprised at what’s available for the fastidious computor.

Network Utilities
The network scanning, monitoring, and admin tools found here are equally useful to both users with small home networks as well as network admins who are interested in keeping their network under control.

Text Utilities
Probably the most fundamental use for your computer is for creating, editing and manipulating the written word. There’s a whole slew of freeware tools available for your text editing and word processing pleasure.

A great collection of freeware games, ranging from classics like Arkanoid and Tetris over dungeon and dragons to multiplayer action games, for hours of gaming fun.

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