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Driver Detective- Review

Driver Detective Review


Windows Vista, XP Pro, XP Home, 2003 Server, 2000 in 32 bit or 64 bit Editions.
300MHz or higher processor
256 MB of RAM
22 MB of hard disk space

Supported Browsers
Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
FireFox 1.2 or higher
Opera 8 or higher

.NET Framework 2.0 is required for this product. If needed it will be installed during installation.


Driver Detective has been built from the ground up and is an industry first in providing manufacturer specific drivers for your computer. For example, if you own a Dell computer Driver Detective will recommend drivers specifically for your Dell computer model. Driver Detective is simple and easy to use with a new user interface designed to make updating drivers fast.

New Database Design – newly redesigned database is the largest, most comprehensive database in the industry.

New Improved Interface – The new interface was designed to be simple, smart and easy to use.

Increased Customer Service – Contact Customer Support or Ask their staff a quick question easily from inside Driver Detective.

Self Updating Software – Driver Detective now automatically keeps itself current with the latest version.

Manufacturer Specific Drivers – If you own a Dell(Or other OEM computer) computer Driver Detective will recommend drivers specifically for your Dell.

Industry Leading Scanning Technology – Most accurate and comprehensive Driver Scanning Engine (DSE).

Driver Backup Wizard – Never worry about losing your drivers again, Driver Detective has a built in wizard so you can copy your downloaded drivers to a CD, network drive or USB flash drive.


No cons to list. The software can be very beneficial to the stability of your system by providing access to updated drivers for improved performance.


If we are unable to provide the updated driver that we have presented when you did the free scan for functioning hardware devices we will be happy to provide you with a refund.

Value for the money:

If you have ever attempted to track down updated drivers for devices on your computer you know how time consuming this can be. Their driver scanning engine insure correct detection of model specific information.

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Richard says

Take great care with this product. Without Kaspersky internet security system I would have unwittingly loaded an ‘Invader’ virus hidden in the Epson R800 driver.
Do NOT use the automated download. You are better off using the free version to identify the drivers that you need and then source them from reliable sites. I can no longer trust this product or their service. Unfortunately I shelled out my hard earned cash before finding all this out.

Robert S. Gordon says

It appears I have a problem. When I try to register I have yet to find programs. I have put his on my credit card and as of this day its not doing anything for me.I have a letter about registration from the support department, but no luck so far with it. I understand this is supposed to be easy, but either my computer doesn’t like it or I am going about it all wrong. I have notice of a Safecart receipt #PCD******** and a registration key of ****************** but all of this still leaves me with much to be desired. If could find some easy way for me to get this straight it would be appreciated

admin says

Try restarting your computer and initiating the registration process again. I’ve enjoyed using Driver Detective for updating my drivers. I still recommend it highly.

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timrodss says

DO NOT USE THIS SCAM OF A SOFTWARE!!!totally worthless,in fact its worse than worthless i now have issues with my pc that i never had before.ver,very misleading.anyone who has given a good review of this product either works for the company or has been paid to do so in my opinion.i have been going round and round with the staff to get my money back and im not gonna give up until i do.until then i promised them im gonna write my personal experience up on as many sites as i can everyday.SAVE YOUR MONEY AND SANITY DO NOT PURCHASE THIS CRAP SCAM FRAUD GARBAGE.

james says

this software is a scam! it does nothing at all for you, and the company will not answer any communications at all, either, so it is a complete waste of time and money!!!

joe sasen says

the whole program is a scam. from the misleading cost to the bs they tell you to shake you loose when you ask for a refund stay away far away

David says

This company charged me for the program 40 days ago. I have still to recievce a registration/license code. The phone number for them is just an automated voice mail that cycles through the same things. trying to get service is apparently an act of futility. I think I may be charging at windmills, but, damnit they took my money and I deserve something.. Go anyplace but here!!!

admin says

I’m sure if you contact them they will honor their refund policy.

Try PC Updater at http://www.pcupdater.com

They will answer their phones and give you full computer support.

Wendy says

I have used it with no problem. I had a question that I e-mailed to them and had an answer back by e-mail the next day.I don’t know what all of you people that are complaining are doing wrong.I have successfully updated 9 drivers.It is really quite simple to use. Go to tech.net .com and maybe you can get some answers from them.

Darin says

I bought the Driver Dectective for $9.95. They charged my card $39.95 and will not give me a refund. I used the program once and started having all kinds of problems. When I went back to the drivers that were originally on my computer, all of the problems went away. When I contacted them for a refund of $29.95, they said that they had no record of me buying the product. When I offered to send them my card bill with the charge, they said they didn’t need it, because there were no records to match it to! What a bunch of wankers!! I called the BBB in their area and reported them.

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