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Ever receive problems after updating your Windows Operating System?

Have you ever been plagued with error messages after performing a Windows update? Remember when you receive updates from Microsoft most of the updates do pertain to known security issues. Just because these updates can fix known issue doesnt mean they will not cause other problems.

The biggest issue with using the updates feature is using the web updater. As we know you can have many communication issues while connected to the internet. These issues can cause installation problems in the files you are attempting to download. If available the safest way to install updates is to obtain the full installers rather than using the web update feature. Although Microsoft does not provide full installers for all updates they do for some.

Some of the most common problems you can experience are with updates to Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and Windows media player. Remember you always have the ability to revert back to a previous state by uninstalling service packs or updates. Although this does not always cure the issue as usually when you install the damage has been done by the installer and damage will still reside in the registry it is recommended to try reverting.

One thing to remember though, just because it comes from Microsoft it does not mean it is fool proof.

I always recommend backing up any valuable data and backing up the Windows registry before attempting any update. This is a good practice even when installing new programs. I know….I know this is very time consuming, but remember you could end up spending days trying to restore your system and data from a crash. As well you may recover your system without a back up but you will not always recover your data without one.

Anytime you are updating your operating system or system software be sure to read any available documentation on procedures before attempting the update.

I hope this may help save you some time with future computing.


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