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Ever contacted your OEM computer support only to find out that you cant understand the person on the other end?

This is a very frustrating experience. I understand its more profitable for OEM manufacturers to roll support over to another region. This practice is more profitable due to the following reasons.

1. The OEM manufacturer does not have to pay the usual 10% increase in pay to local technicians for working the evening shifts.

2. Payroll costs associated with overseas personnel is much less.

Its very annoying to try speaking to someone with little English speaking abilities as well as an accent. If you have not had this wonderful experience yet then you should consider yourself lucky. My last experience in communicating with these facilities was so trying I simply hung up the phone and decided to purchase a support agreement from my local certified support technician. Yes even though I had free support provided by the computer manufacturer.

At least in my opinion it was well worth the extra money to not have to deal with that situation again. Its bad enough that most people in this level of support simply read from a document of directions and ignore your input. They offer simple well known fixes that generally have no effect on the issue. Add an accent and remove the ability to annunciate English properly and well.There you have it: Enough said.

You might want to consider on your next purchase not purchasing an extended service plan and instead locate your local OEM certified technician and see what they offer as far as support options. Most support technicians even offer onsite support..WAHOO! Just insure the local technician is certified by the manufacturer for which ever manufactured model you wish to purchase. I can guarantee that you wont have as many headaches and you wont have to learn a new language to alleviate your computing problems.


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