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Fiber to the house…Oh yeah!

Are there any other tech heads out there like me who wish deployment of better connectivity technology would move a little faster?

A month or so ago I visited a friend in Florida. While I was there his ISP was installing fiber to the house for Internet connectivity. Of course it made my mouth water thinking of the reliability and speeds he would have.

That is just totally cool that they are converting their entire network for all consumers to fiber connectivity.

After installation he purchased a connectivity package which allowed for up to 20MB download speeds and I believe 6MB upload. Now if you are an avid tech head or a system administrator you know just what that means…..no more slow uploads due to those darn limiting QOS files.

I hope this practice becomes a standard for all high speed Internet ISP’s. I dont know about you but that would enable me to be twice as productive when uploading websites or large files.

Currently I can only dream of a connection like this, but maybe…just maybe one day I will have something comparable.

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jack says

Man that would be awesome…Which ISP was it?

Krystal says

My parents have also just upgraded to FIOS (fiber optics) and my dad LOVES it. Says it’s faster than the winner of the Daytona 500!

Jimbo says

Ha! I still am stuck with dial up, which on a good day gives me a blistering 49kbps
although I’ve seen it slow down to bps.

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