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Finally Fast Review

We have been asked by many users to do a review of the Finally Fast software over at FinallyFast.com which is brought to you by the folks over at Ascentive.

We prefer PC Registry Cleaner instead of Finally Fast. Download PC Registry Cleaner.

There are many bad reviews of finally fast online but we also found some positives in it. The software is easy to install and has a very clean looking interface. However many people report finally fast software as sending them a barrage of popups etc.

We did not notice any popups that resulted from installing the software from finallyfast.com at the time we tested it other than normal nag screens commonly found in trial versions of software.

It did install 4 icons on our desktop promoting their other products. Some novice users may not know how to remove these but they were not overly intrusive just a little out of the ordinary.

When you goto the FinallyFast.com website you actually download a program called PC SpeedScan Pro. The other icons on your desktop will be for their other products to try and buy.


Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, or XP

This is according to their website faq as of 2/9/2009. It does seem strange that they don’t mention it working with Windows Vista as Vista has been out so for almost 2 years now. We tested the software with Windows XP.

It ran ok without any errors on our XP test system. The screenshot below shows you that its the August 2008 version but we downloaded and tested this on February 09 of 2009.

The GUI straightforward and easy to use but took a very long time to scan our test pc and it said it found 32 issues. It’s not the fanciest interface around but it works.

Many people complain that they couldn’t uninstall the software but we were able to uninstall finally fast quite easily through the Add/Remove programs option in the control panel. The software does not offer a quick uninstall from the programs menu.

They do have a very nice looking website and fancy commercial at finallyfast.com but the software does not seem to be as high quality as their marketing is. I would think they could make the GUI much better looking as well but again this is just my personal opinion.

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Optimusprimerib says

The folks @ finallyfast need to show me how to get a BSOD on a MAC. I MUST KNOW!


Caught that too, didja? That’s almost as good as the Antivirus2009 online scan that found 1,000+ virus instances for me in C:WINDOWS…on a Linux box.

Justin says

They fail to mention the “clean” install comes full of lovely trojans, and how they repeatedly charge your credit card should you choose to pay the ridiculous 30 dollars for this garbage. The commercial for this website should never have been aired on television, millions of computers are probably infected from this program. Its one thing to report false positives but it really makes me to lie to people and install malware.

MAC says

My computer seemed to run SLOWER after I installed FinallyFast software. I finally had to tell it to quit running on startup so it wouldn’t take forever for my PC to boot.

izzy says

i can’t uninstall it. something wont let me open the control panel o_e

Rye says

I ran it on my clean install of vista with barely anything installed on it and found 243 errors. Claimed to find extension errors, but included in that was open.

After removal it slowed the computer down significantly.

I wouldn’t recommend using it as it seemed to have given me alot of false positives

Steed Snuggerud says

When you begin to look for methods to speed up your computer and optimize it’s performance, you’ll come across the choice of using a registry cleaner, and with these programs comes many options as well. Perhaps you are on the lookout for freeware or maybe you are OK with spending a couple of dollars to get a quality product, but first you just need to find out how to choose the top registry cleaner software for your needs. That is what we are going to discuss in this piece, we are going to go over the features that you should be looking for when choosing a registry cleaning application.

moiraesfate says

Just a suggestion, use pc cleaner instead, get it at http://www.pccleaner.com

Robyn says

Unfortunately I did the free online scan. I didn’t go any farther. I used the control panel’s “add/remove” program to remove PCSpeedScan, but there is no listing for that pesky Ascentive Performance Ctr. (However I see 3 MAC programs- duh, what are those doing there? Did this thing put them there?)
Anyway… How do I get rid of this thing??? It is slowing things down even more, running in the background, plus I get that annoying advertisement screen every time I start the computer.
I’m a computer idiot so please have mercy and help!

Dean says

I dont know how to remove it and I keep getting spamed errors every time i try and open it.

anonymous says

Anything that installe without your permission or consent is Malware. If you cannot remove it from the control panel, I would consider it VERY suspicious at the least. My advice? – Stay away from ff. Use Malwarebytes, AVG, CC Cleaner instead if you wish.

Will says

I’m willing to bet the program simply made up those “errors” it found.

NWI Total Tech Solutions » Blog Archive » Finally Fast! (.com) says

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Humblepie says

A really good lesson to learn is too never never never download and install a program (freeware or bought) before reading enough reviews to have your eyes wide open. Its a lesson I had to learn. I will never break this rule again. I was considering Finnaly Fast until I read the above reviews. Just spared myself the pain.

Rob Rasner Comedian says

Well done.. are there anymore information on the subject Finally Fast Review cool Enjoy your day Rob Rasner Comedian

LD says

I decided not to use Finally Fast due to the reviews I just read, however, is there anybody out there that has had a good experience with this software?
Is there an accepted software that will help with the problems of bad performance on your pc?


    admin says

    We highly recommend this software

    to help you repair just about any problems with your computer.

Kylee says

Finally fast blows… for some reason I cant uninstall this program off my computer and its making me go crazy!! If you have the option DO NOT DOWNLOAD FINALLY FAST onto your computer its a waste of time and money!!

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