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Gaming on Vista

Vista provides a great entertainment experience. Finding and playing games is a lot easier with the new Windows Vista Games Explorer. The Games Explorer is the new interface for all gaming activities.

As a parent, Vista provides you with a new set of Parental Controls that allows you to manage your youths access to games. Built on groundbreaking graphics technology, Vista takes advantage of the latest gaming hardware for more realistic gaming.

With Vista, the new Games Explorer allows you to more easily find games installed on your Vista-based PC. Many new games have a “Games for Windows” branding which will install right in the Games Explorer.

With Parental Controls you can control which games your children have access to. If you feel certain games are inappropriate for you children you can block the use of these games according to rating, content, or even titles.

With Vista, you can get a more exciting visual experience than you have ever seen on a Windows-based PC.

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