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Have you ever wondered where your computer gets infected by spyware?

Over the years spyware has become a very problematic entity. Originally spyware was created to help companies taylor website experiences towards consumers. As of late this type of software has evolved to track your browsing and computer habits and even offers itself as a doorway to viruses.

Its very interesting that software that was originally designed to improve a consumers experience was later tailored to make us all pull our hair out.

In this day and age you can acquire spyware from many websites. Many companies offer such things as “free” gaming sites to lure you in and then they can infect your machine. One thing to look for on any website before you attempt downloading or installing there site software is to look for a seal of approval. There are companies dedicated to scanning sites and software for these infections. Many companies now days pay these vendors specifically to test there sites for these entities. Any site that has planned protection will display a seal of approval from the company.

We have all experienced the frustration that these entities can impose. Most users can experience anything from slowness while browsing all the way to the other end of the spectrum to capturing of vital information as well as total system failure due to compromise from a virus.

Remember in order to protect yourself from pulling out your own hair from frustration as well as protect your system from infiltration you must keep your virus software up to date. This alone will not protect your computer from infiltration by spyware, but will protect your computer from viruses. Everyone with a computer should own a valid virus software and subsequently keep that software updated weekly.

There are many utilities available for use to remove spyware. Some of these titles are removal utlilities only. A few of the more popular are Spysweeper and Ad-aware. Both offer a free version for consumer use. If you wish to have proactive scan options you do have to purchase a license as the free versions do not offer the proactive scan. However if you scan regulary using the free versions say weekly you can keep the effects down to a minimum.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. Helpful to keep your computing trouble free and in maintaining your hair supply. Of course if you have pulled all your hair from its roots due to frustration you can save some monitary value on visits to the Barber or salon. 🙂

Happy Computing


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