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Help is not available in Office 2007

I have had many questions dealing with the same issue in office 2007 as of late. The question voiced the most has been “why can I not access the help section of Office 2007?”.

This is typically due to the UNC path of the help file not being defined in the registry. Whether the entry was removed or the registry was damaged there is a simple way to fix the issue.

Note: If your registry is damaged you may need to perform maintenance on it. If the registry is damaged to the point that the entire section is missing you will not be able to follow these directions as described below.

Remember: Editing the registry incorrectly can prevent Windows from operating. Always create a restore point or make a manual back up the registry before performing registry edits.

To repair this issue complete the following instructions:

1. Start Notepad.

2. Copy and then paste the following text into a new file. REGEDIT4

Note:The UNC path is the universal naming convention path. This is the full path to the help files.

3. Name the file 926707.reg, and then save the file to a location of your choice.

4. Use the Office Customization Tool to run the 926707.reg file before the 2007 Office program is installed.

One issue down, many to go.

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Tom says

I don’t know who posted this but I really need to converse with you. This is the only reference anywhere I have found to this problem and even though I tried the fix, it did not solve it. I would like to go into the registry and change the string and I have tried it but I don’t think I am doing it right.
When I did it the way that is stated in the article I go into the registry to see if it is there and though I can follow it through to the HHRestrictions, the rest of the described UrlAllowList=UNC_path is not there.

If you can help it would be great!

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