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Free Windows 7 Training Videos says

Yes we are going to be adding more very soon. Thank you

Free Windows 7 Training Videos says

We have some xp videos too. I will ask what our plans are for releasing them here too.

Michael Weisser says

I’d just like to know if anyone knows how to keep my 24″ flat screen monitor going at every start up and read my first comment about this. I’d appreciate a simple explanation, should I do a bios flash or uninstall the video cards Intel 910GL. This monitor is a Vision Master Pro 17 that must mean 17″ MC005.

Richard says

I’d like to open Google Search with 100 views, instead of 10.

On Windows 7 I went to Menu, clicked Settings, and clicked off “Enable Instant For Searching.” But nothing happened.

Can you please help, thanks

Peter says

Awesome blog about speeding up PC in Windows 7. Thanks guys.

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