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How do I insure my computer is protected from viruses?

Virus protection is a must in todays computing environment. Many people who own virus protection software make mistakes that can allow an infection. Here are a few things to remember when purchasing or configuring virus software.

1. Insure your virus software has complete functionality such as script blocking, Internet worm protection and is compatible with the instant messenger service you currently use.

2. Always insure that your virus protection is configured to receive automatic updates. These updates include virus signatures which allow the program to search for the latest viruses. With out these updates your virus software will not recognize new viruses.

3. A simple way to prevent viruses from obtaining access to your system is to update any Microsoft products that you have installed. Windows and office products are commonly used as ways of entry. Microsoft frequently publishes security updates to prevent these types of entry. These updates can be obtained by visiting www.microsoft.com and using either the Office or Windows update option.

4. Another entry point for viruses is sometimes through Spy ware or Ad ware software. Most virus scanners have implemented Spy ware scanning capabilities, but not all. Be sure your computer is protected against these types of entry.

Note: Some viruses can hide or be backed up to the Windows restore folder in which most virus software cannot scan. Due to the compression on this folder most virus software cannot scan this folder. In these cases please review the recommended actions provided by your virus software support personnel or documents.

It is best to remember even with the best virus software and all Microsoft updates applied it is still possible for you to infected by a virus. New viruses are written constantly, and the writers are always coming up with new ways of infiltration into your system.

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