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How to optimize your computer


How to optimize your computer

The easiest way to get the most speed out of your computer without having to worry with any technical stuff is to download this simple tool and let it repair and optimize your computer in about an hour.

Step 1
A good cleaning is the very first thing we need to do to the computer.

Without a proper cleaning, the computer will not function properly, period. Most of the time this step alone can restore your computers speed, so to do that we need a good cleaner. Ccleaner is a freeware application capable of removing the Dirt and grime left on your computer from frequent use.

First, download Ccleaner from here. Its easy to use, and has a lot of features for cleaning your computer. To get started simply click the Scan My Computer button near the top of Ccleaners main window. This will perform a system scan and provide a list of details to the items that need to be cleaned. Simply click the Clean My Computer button to clean the files. Its that simple!

You should also download PC Updater and make sure that your drivers are all up to date. Out of date drivers can cause your computer to act strange and be slow and sluggish.

Step 2

After a good cleaning I tend to remove some of the added bells and whistles by disabling the visual effects provided by Microsoft. These
effects are cute, but they eat up valuable resources needed for a faster computer. There is also another default feature provided by Microsoft that we can disable called the indexing service.

Disabling Unneeded Visual Effects:

(Removes the visual effects, and increases computer performance)

1. Click your “Start” button to access the start menu

2. Then click right click on “My Computer”

3. Select Properties”

4. Select the “Advanced” tab

5. Then under the “Performance” tab select “Settings”

6. Click “Adjust for best performance”

7. Save these settings by clicking OK

Disabling the Indexing Service:

(Unnecessary default service)

1. Click your “Start” button to access the start menu

2. Click My Computer

3. Under Hard Disk Drives right click on your Hard Disk

4. Click Properties

5. Uncheck Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file

6. Click Apply

7. Select Apply changes to C:\ Subfolder and files and click OK

8. If anything pops up on the screen simply click Ignore

Step 3

Sometimes viruses or malware can corrupt your operating system, so lets verify that Windows has not been corrupted.

1. Click Start

2. Click Run

3. Type in CMD then press Enter on your keyboard.

4. This should open a black screened window like this.

5. Type SFC /SCANNOW then press Enter.

6. It may say something like Files that are required for Windows to run properly must be copied to the DLL Cache, so insert your Windows CD to continue.

Step 4

Now that we have those two features disabled, lets move on to cleaning up some space used by useless software on our computer. Often, over time, we can install a bunch of junk we dont really need installed. These programs will add up over time and completely use up space needed to keeping your computer running its best.

1. Click Start

2. Click Control Panel

3. Click Add or Remove Programs

4. Once the Add or Remove Programs window opens, remove anything
in the list you dont use or need.

5. If you dont know what a particular program is, Google it and make
sure before you remove it.

Step 5

Finally, lets make sure Windows is actually running its best using the most up-to-date version. Updating Windows regularly can keep it running its best, and most of the time its essential to your computers health, as these updates prevent harmful attacks against it. Windows Update is available online at www.windowsupdate.com, or directly on your computer following these steps.

1. Click “Start”

2. Click “All Programs”

3. Look all the way on top and you’ll find a “Windows Update”
button, then click it.

4. Your web browser should take you directly to Microsoft’s
Update site.

5. Once you get there you are offered two selections, “Express”
and “Custom” Select “CUSTOM”.

6. Then click on ALL the available updates for your computer and
select “Install Updates”

Thats it. Doing this often will keep your computer up-to-date, and safe from most threats.

By now you should see an improvement in your computers responsiveness and speed. Following these steps on a regular basis can keep your computer running fast and smooth for years to come! You should also consider cleaning and optimizing your pc with a qualified product.

There are many great software programs out there but I will just show my favorites.

Reimage PC Repair Tool – This tool will actually check your computer for missing or corrupt Windows files and replace/repair them as needed. This is the only software tool that can do this. I highly recommend you download Reimage and see what it finds.

Follow these simple steps to cleaning and optimizing your computer. Please leave us a comment below.

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Aman Kudiya says

Is there an option to print this article in MS Word or text format without the sides information? I like this article and want to have it in my library.

    admin says

    Hello Aman
    There is not a text version available. I will ask if we can provide a text version of the “How to optimize your computer” article.

    Muhammad Khan says

    Hello Aman, if you are only after printing or saving the article, just high light the text part and the press “ctrl & C” together. After that open a page in Microsoft word or similar program, paste what you just copied. Adjust the size and type of font to what you prefer. You now simply give it whatever heading you think will be relevant for you to remember it by and save. You may wish to print it for your use, it is as simple as that. This way you won’t have the empty spaces on the sides.

Aman Kudiya says

I downloaded Ccleaner as per this article but could not find Scan my computer button anywhere. Instead, there is Analyze option at the bottom left hand corner. Is this the same thing or am I missing something in downloading?

    admin says

    Hello Aman
    To the right of the Analyze button there is a button that says Run Cleaner. That is the button to click.

santosh jain says

dear sir
Thanking you for use full articale .

Wayne says

Is there any charge for this service….Please let me know cause i m on a certain income and i only have so much money Thanks

    admin says

    Hi Wayne
    You can follow the steps above for a good speed boost. There is a full version of the Ultimate PC Secrets book that goes into more detail and gives several videos on speeding up computers. You can also download Ccleaner at http://www.ccleaner.com it is free and will help you cleanup you computer as well.

Muhammad Khan says

Very useful article for us novices. Thanks

Fred says

Thank you for this information. Stopping Index Services made a bigger change than I had expected.

Please advise Aman Kudiya (above) that he may highlight the text by holding down the left mouse button while moving the cursor from the title to the bottom of the text, then copy to the clipboard )with [Ctrl][C]), then paste (with [Ctrl][V]) into MS Word or even Notepad. That it how I saved the article. The formatting is there and links work.

David says

Useful stuff. Now can anyone tell me how to find my SATA drive, I have updated my drivers from the Seagate site, I have updated my BIOS from thr pcchips site, and still no soap. Could I have a duff drive, do you think?

dr. fazal rahim khan says

the above mentioned 5 points are really a gift for personal computer users. thanks a lot, for helping us.

Alex says

i really thank you for making this things easier for us, especially the ones that use it as a career, we are really greatful. But still believe that we still need some help in some other place, like know the RAM and Processor is faulty without a beep code

naveed says

it is good software

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