Bits and Pieces

Now continue dismantling the drive by removing every single screw you can find in- or outside the drive and taking the drive apart as much as you can. Eventually you’ll end up with a nice collection of weird looking electronic and mechanical chunks.

Make sure you keep track of all the pieces, especially the tiny screws, which have the nasty habit of wandering off and emigrating to Bora-Bora the moment you look away. You don’t want to lose your Solitaire record just because of a missing screw, do you? By the way: I did mention to make a backup of your data before you start taking the drive apart, just in case, didn’t I?

Time for Spring Cleaning

Now that we have everything disassembled, cleaning it is a breeze. Let’s start with the electronic circuit board.

Plaque Removal

Page 1: Logically, this is the first page
Page 2: Dismantling the drive
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Page 4: Flossing is important
Page 5: Reassemble, reconnect, pull your hair out

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