Using FTP to transfer files to your web space

If you administer a web site, FTP is the best way to transfer files to your web directory on the server. For this usage of the program, you are going to have to log on to the server with a user name and password. Otherwise, the only difference is that you’ll be clicking the -> arrow to transfer selected files to the remote host instead of your local computer.

I recommend that you leave the password field blank and don’t save the password, for reasons of simple security. When you connect to the site, the WS_FTP program will prompt you to enter the password. You wouldn’t want your mean and awful brother or anyone else with malicious intentions to open your FTP program, connect to your web directory, and tamper with your files.

With the Auto box selected for the transfer type, it is safe to transfer multiple files in one session. Hold the Ctrl key while you click on multiple files in the pane and transfer them all at once by right-clicking on the highlighted files and choosing Transfer files or by simply double-clicking on the highlighted files. The program will use the correct transfer type for each file, with no input required from you. When the transfers are complete, the remote pane will automatically refresh and show the updated directory listing.


Now that you know where to get, and how to use an FTP client, you need not use your Web browser for FTP downloads anymore. When you find a file you wish to download on the Web, and on hovering your mouse over the link you see that the URL points to an FTP site (you’ll see ftp://), open up WS_FTP and enter the host name of the site and connect to it. Chances are it will allow anonymous FTP access and you’ll be able to download the file with greater insurance that the download will complete. You won’t panic if your download gets interrupted either, because WS_FTP can resume.


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