Create a Sig using Notepad

This requires that you know the basics of HTML. First, open Notepad by clicking Start/Run, then typing Notepad and clicking OK.

Let’s start with the important part and work our way outwards. Type in the text that you want to display. This can be your name, your nickname, a cool phrase, anything. Just to be consistent, we’ll use “My Signature” as an example.

My signature

Not very exciting, is it? Now we start adding HTML text formatting tags. To define the font, you add the tag <font color=”” size=”” face=””> to the front of it, and don’t forget to add the font ending tag </font> to the end. To make it bold, you add the tag <b> to the front and </b> to the end. It’s important that you end each tag, and also that you nest them correctly. You have to close the tags in the reverse order of which they were opened.

<font color=”” size=”” face=””><b>My Signature</b></font>

You probably noticed that there is nothing between the quotes yet. So let’s choose a color, e.g. red, a size, e.g. 5, and a font type, e.g. Comic Sans MS, and insert that into the proper spots in the font tag.

<font color=”red” size=”5″ face=”Comic Sans MS”><b>My Signature</b></font>

Another neat effect you could apply to your signature is the Marquee tag, which makes your signature scroll across the screen. This is what people like best, however I must point out the only IE browsers are able to see the scrolling marquees; the Netscape browser will just show them as stationary text.

<font color=”red” size=”5″ face=”Comic Sans MS”><b><marquee direction=”right”>My Signature</marquee></b></font>

Now let’s see how this looks. To save the file, go to the File menu and choose Save As. Save the file as .htm or .html, e.g. mysignature.html. To force Notepad to save it as a HTML file, put the entire file name in quotes like this: “mysignature.html”

To view it, you open your browser, go to the browsers File menu, choose Open, maneuver to the location where you saved your sig file, and select it. The browser will open the HTML file and display your sig. If everything went well, your sig should look like this:

My Signature

You get the idea. Now it’s up to you to let your creativity go wild to create your own personal custom sig. Some forums will even allow you to add images to make it even more interesting.


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