Squeaky clean

Be sure not to assemble and use the mouse right away. You want to let it air-dry for a while to make sure that there’s no moisture inside the mouse when you plug it in. That might not be a good thing. Use a blow dryer on low setting if you’re impatient.

Now check it out – is this mouse clean or is this mouse clean? No more dirt on the rollers, no more filth on the ball, no more gunk underneath the mouse.

And the top is nice and shiny as well. No more icky stickiness.

Go ahead and reassemble the mouse. Put it on the mouse pad and move it around a bit. Doesn’t that feel a whole lot better? It should move very smoothly again.

Perform this procedure once or twice a year, depending on how often you use your mouse, and you can greatly improve life and performance of your mouse. However, if this is too much work for you or too disgusting, you might want to consider buying an optical mouse that doesn’t have any mechanical parts and therefore doesn’t require any cleaning …


– Alex –

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