What you need to overclock

The most important thing to have is your motherboard’s manual! You cannot overclock without knowing exactly what type of motherboard you have and what settings it supports. Maybe you can go to the manufacturer’s web site and get a copy of the manual and technical specs there. But if you do not have the manual and do not even know, what type of board you have – do not bother to read on. It will be a exercise in futility or a very frustrating experience if you’re lucky.

The next important thing is a few extra fans for better cooling in your system. Again, I will address this in a bit when talking about cooling.

Then you need to know how to open your computer case and to be able to recognize the motherboard and your processor.

Last but not least, you need some time because it will require some experimenting. So don’t try this half an hour before going to bed. You might not get any sleep that night.

Okay, now that we have everything we need, let’s move on to the most important issue of overclocking – cooling.

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