Enter the wizard – Partition Magic

But there are other tools out there. One that is very well known and very reliable is Partition Magic. You should always backup before making any changes to the partitions, just in case, but Partition Magic is a terrific tool with which I have never had any trouble.

Here’s Partition Magic’s main screen:

As you can see, Partition Magic has a graphic interface, and it supports a large number of file formats including Linux EXT2, NTFS, HPFS, FAT and FAT32. The little drawings below let you access wizards to walk you through a procedure, such as this one:

Note that Partition Magic allows you to choose to create a second primary partition by choosing Yes on the above screen. Only do so if you intend to dual boot using a third-party boot manager like the included Boot Magic. Indicate No if you intend to use NTldr (NT/Win2Ks boot manager), or LILO/Grub (Linux’s).


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