Hard Drive Partitioning

The toolbar icons and the drop down menus up top allow you to perform the actions without the wizards, in this case, resizing of an existing partition without losing its data:

With the manual operations, pressing the Apply button (only appears when there are operations to apply) will result in the operation being done.

You can also discard changes here, as you can see below the progress screen. If the operation requires changes to your boot drive, Partition Magic will boot to DOS to do so. As a result, Partition Magic only works in Win9x. Work on Win2K and ME machines must be done from a Partition Magic set of boot disks (made on a Win9x machine with Partition Magic 5 installed).

New partitions made by Partition Magic must still be formatted. You have the option of doing the formatting directly from Partition Magic.

I hope this is helpful to everyone with questions about partitioning. If you have further questions, feel free to ask in the forum.


– Al –

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