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Now that you know how easy it is to add options to the Send-To menu, think about the many possibilities you have to make common tasks easier. Here are a few ideas:

  • Don’t use Outlook Express and the existing Mail Recipient option doesn’t work for you? Create a shortcut to your e-mail program to be able to easily attach files to an e-mail.
  • Do you frequently copy files to a certain drive or folder? Create a shortcut to that drive or folder.
  • Do you use several different applications to edit images? Create a folder in the SendTo folder called Images and put shortcuts to all your image editors in it for easy access.
  • Do you use several different programs to play or edit sound files? Create a folder in the SendTo folder called Sounds and put shortcuts to e.g. Media Player, WinAmp and RealPlayer in it.

Be creative. As you can see, you can customize this option as you please. Make it work best for you.

Here is a power user tip: You can combine the usefulness of Send-To with a neat toolbar trick to be able to use Send-To without even having to open My Computer or Windows Explorer if you have the Internet Explorer 4 desktop enhancements installed.

Right-click on an empty area of the task bar, select Toolbars and click Desktop. You’ll get a new toolbar called Desktop. Now grab the little gray handle at the end of the desktop toolbar and make the toolbar as small as possible until you can only see the word Desktop and a little double arrow.

Now you can click on the double arrow to get a pop-up menu with the contents of your computer. Simply maneuver through the contents to get to the file you want, then right-click on it, select Send-To and the option you want. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Here’s another power user tip: You can create a shortcut to all your printers in the Send-To menu. Open Windows Explorer, drill down to C:\Windows\SendTo, right-click in that folder, and select New/Folder. Then paste the following string into the name field for the folder:



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