Troubleshooting USB

As explained earlier, USB is extremely user friendly and easy to use. IN case you ever run into problems using a USB device, here’s what you want to check first:


Is your computer experiencing crashes and/or your USB device acting flaky? Make sure that you are not overloading the USB ports on your motherboard with too many high-power USB devices. Remove multiple USB devices and try them out one at a time. If they work when hooked up individually, but not when all connected, you should consider getting a powered hub.

Device Driver

As a general rule you should assume that the driver that came with the USB device, or any other device for that matter, is outdated the moment you open the box. Before you install it, go online and make sure you get the latest version of the device driver. If a device acts flaky while others work fine, chances are you might need an updated driver. It’s easy to correct and free, you should try a driver update as one of the first troubleshooting steps.

USB Port Driver

If you can’t get USB to work properly with any device, the problem might be with the USB driver in your operating system. Visit the web site for your motherboards’ manufacturer and make sure you have the latest drivers. While you’re there, you also might want to check for a newer version of the BIOS. Of course flashing your BIOS should be a last resort for resolving the problem, but it might be the solution you need.


If your PC has one or more USB ports, you’re running an OS that supports USB and you go shopping for a peripheral for your PC, go for USB if you have the choice. It is easy to install and use, and faster and more flexible than some alternatives such as serial or parallel ports. Want to hook up three joysticks, two printers, two scanners, a web cam and a digital camera to your PC and use them all at the same time? USB makes it possible.


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