The Software: Sony Ericsson Software Suite

Sony Ericsson offers a number of free software packages for download from their website. Unfortunately, the website is somewhat disorganized, and different versions of different packages are scattered all over the place, while some packages are hard to find. Following is a description of each component.

XTNDConnect PC

One of the more productive pieces of software is XTNDConnect PC by Extended Systems, Inc. This application enables the user to synchronize contact information, calendar, and tasks between the phone and a number of Windows applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Symantec ACT!, and others.

The version offered as a free download from the Sony Ericsson website is a light version that syncs only with Microsoft Outlook. In order to synchronize the phone with an application other than Microsoft Outlook, the user has to purchase the full version of XTNDConnect PC.

FYI – the free version of XTNDConnect PC available from the Sony Ericsson website comes in a package that includes Mobile Phone Monitor, which is a required component as explained on the previous page. However, the full version of XTNDConnect PC from ESI does not come with Mobile Phone Monitor, it has to be downloaded separately from the link provided on the previous page.

The software can be customized with numerous options for the synchronization process, and allows custom field mapping.

Phone Settings

With this program you can change the settings in our mobile phone directly from your computer. This makes navigating the phone’s menus much easier in an Explorer-style user-friendly interface. Drill down the menus to find the option you wish to edit, make your change, then commit them to the phone.

Phone Book and Text Message Manager

This application allows you to organize the names and phone numbers stored in the mobile phone. It reads the contacts and messages from the phone, displays it on the screen in an easy-to-use interface where you can edit contacts and manage text messages, and then download the updated information back to the phone. Very handy for anybody who doesn’t like to use the phone keypad for typing.

Text Message Manager for Outlook

This program expands Microsoft Outlook with the Text Message Manager functionality.

Old Sony Ericsson Software Packages

Sony Ericsson used to offer four different software packages containing different component combinations. These packages were all updated and rolled together into the new Sony Ericsson Communications Suite linked above. These older packages are still available at other sites on the web, but it is advised to use the new suite instead as it contains the latest versions of each software package.


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