The Accessories: Belt Holster

Together with the car charger described on the previous page came a belt holster (yes, $1 for a car charger and belt holster – gotta love ebay). It is made of sturdy plastic, and the phone snaps securely into it. The belt clip on the back has a swivel mechanism enabling rotation of the belt holster by 90 degrees in either direction. This way the phone can be carried either vertically or horizontally in either direction (for you southpaws out there).

The clip holding the phone in place is tight and secure, no danger of the phone accidentally being released. The swivel mechanism is tight and reliable as well.

I noticed that the phone didn’t seem to slide all the way to the end in the bottom part, causing a fit that was maybe a little tighter than desired. Thankfully that was easily corrected with the help of a Dremel tool.

While the holster does not provide any protection for the front of the phone, it does allow quick access. It should be considered a quick-draw holster, not a protective case. One minor downside is that due to the nature of the clip it requires two hands to remove the phone.

Overall, a decent holster. Definitely a good purchase considering the price.


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