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Identifying the differences between DB and program errors in Outlook

Microsoft’s Outlook and Outlook Express can experience many issues. The problem when addressing such issues is figuring out whether the problem relates to a program problem or user database problems.

There are many programs available that can address issues internal to Outlook and Outlook Express. Be aware that most programs that are designed to fix an issue internal to the program will not address issues related to user databases.

Determining which category your issue falls under is critical when deciding what software to buy for addressing the issue. Typically (But not Always) if you experience a program error which references a particular.exe file this would be an issue internal to the program itself.

If you experience a message which relates to the message store, email messages stuck in the outbox or address book not loading then your issue is most likeley related to a user database. You can verify this by creating a new duplicate account and testing the features.

Search the Internet for information related to your issue. This may give you a better idea of what the problem relates to. Once you have an idea of what may be causing your issue then research for a program that can address the issue.

A quick note to all. Any error internal to the program that can be addressed by a “fix it” utility can generally be addressed by the user researching information on Microsoft.com. This is not necessarily true for user, message or address database errors.

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