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Internal utilities to maintain Windows performace

There are a few things that can be done regularly to maintain Windows functionality. These utilities are included in the Windows operating system. A few of these are disk defragmentor, disk cleanup, scandisk and check disk.

Most of these utilities can be accessed by choosing startprograms or all programsaccessoriessystem tools. The check disk utility which is part of the NT operating system which includes 2000 andXP versions is accessible by right clicking the hard drive in my computer and selecting properties. Choose the tools tab and select error checking. This will require a restart of your computer as this utility must have exclusive access to the file system. Be patient when running this utility. This operation can take a considerable amount of time dependent on the amount of information on your hard drive.

Another well known utility which will scan for invalid versions of the Windows operating system files is the system file checker utility. This utility will require your Windows disk be placed in the cd or dvd drive. To use this utility choose startrun and type sfc /scannow. Once input select the ok button to run SFC. The utility will scan all os files and report any inconsistencies. This can be very useful if your problem stems from a failed update of the Windows operating system.

It is wise to use the Windows update feature to apply all current patches and security fixes to your version of Windows. Issues are reported to Microsoft and regular updates are made available. The updates mainly patch security issues internal to Windows, but as well some are provided to improve functionality.

Some other well known utilities which can improve performance are Disk defragmentor and disk cleanup. Disk defragmentor works by organizing files and removing small blocks of empty space therefore organizing the empty space into one large block. This improves caching performance if your drive is severely fragmented. The disk cleanup utility is an easy to use interface to rid your system of unused or temporary files. Both of these utilities can be accessed by choosing the start button/all programs/accessories/system tools.

It is recommended to use these utilities at least once a month to maintain your Windows operating system. These utilities will maintain performance and Microsoft updates can improve security and performance.

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