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Internet Explorer 7 issues

Well Internet explorer 7 has been released for
sometime now. Unfortunately it appears once again
we are beta testers for Microsoft.

Being in the support world myself it seems to me
the biggest issues with Internet Explorer 7 are
installation issues. As with many other web based
installations of Microsoft products there are some
issues that should be addressed. Microsoft should
make this download available in a full admin version
as they did the latest xp service packs. Of course
we know Microsoft seems to follow the beat of a
different drum so to say they will do this is unlikely.

Even if you have installed IE7 and are experience one
of these wonderful issues, it is easy to revert back
to the previous version. Personally when dealing with
any new product I use a non-essential machine to test
with. I would however recommend locating the Microsoft
technical document on uninstalling IE7 for your particular
Windows version and follow those directions to the letter.

Other than installation issues the most prevalent problem
seems to be accessing secure web sites. Once again if you
are experiencing this issue you may want to revert back
to your previous version of IE. At least this will get you
operational until Microsoft addresses these issues.

This is not to say that everyone who is using IE7 is
having issues with the new browser. If you do have it
installed and it is working properly then consider
yourself blessed.

A good general rule with any new software is to allow
a testing period for other users to find the issues.
This is especially true if your computers functionality
is a business or personal necessity. Allowing several
weeks or months for known issues to be reported to
Microsoft and then repaired through a patch or update
will save you may headaches.

Just because its new software doesn’t mean it’s better.
New software is only beneficial if you can use it and
your computer.

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Phil says

I tried the new browser version without success. I rolled back to the previous version and was functional again. After that I tried reinstalling again and it worked this time. Thanks for the information. I thought I was going to need to take my PC in to a tech and have it fixed.

Krystal says

This is a GREAT article! It’s always nice to know that you aren’t the only one with a problem- makes you feel less dumb. I have experienced problems with my Windows Media Player ever since I upgraded to IE7. I have since then uninstalled the update through my Control Panel and reverted back to IE6. Wierd how I don’t seem to have the problem anymore!

Also, I visited the How To section and found the Improving Online Communication page interesting! I’ll need to have my friends read the Don’t Spam Your Friends section… they are contantly forwarding everything they get to me… and frankly… I’M SICK OF IT! Hehe, anyways, thanks for the article-great information!

lisa says

thank you SO MUCH for this information…I really feel lucky to have found this site. great tips and advice!

Nashville, TN

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