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Internet Speed Test Updated

Our wildly popular internet speed test has been updated. This will tell you your upload and download speed very quickly and is the most accurate speed test we know of.

You can even download a copy of our internet speed test, just click here. Now you can test your speed right from your desktop as much as you want, anytime you want. Download Speed Test

Test Your Internet Speed Now

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malc thomson says

The “911” broadband speed test shows me as having 820Kb.s download speed.
My Talktalk provider has a speed test which returns 3.1Mb/s
Are we comparing apples and pears, or is there another explanation?

Bobby Pace says

I tried your internet speed test and some other free ones online such as testinternetspeed.org but my speed results was different on both. I guess depends from where the uploads and downloads are being made.

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