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To begin your secure internet speed test click the button above that says begin test. If you don't see the button then you may want to double check that you have flash enabled as it is required for the test.

Please let us know what your test results are in the comments section and let us know where you are located. It's interesting to see the different speeds that are available to people all over the world.?

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Yang Mohsin says

Download speed : 369 kbits per second, upload speed : 220 kbits per second.
Internet speed as per contract : 5 MBits per second.

A.Chandran says

I checked with u r PC911 web the speed of internet in my P.C to day&found Download Internet speed as 234Kbits/s&Upload speed as 76Kbits/s.But our BSNL contractor has assured minimum 100Mbits/s for 400 UL plan.We r having problem of sending web photos to states as they r not seeing our photos,but we can see their photo.How to solve this problem of laoMbits/s they r giving against BSNL assurance?How we have to solve the problem?Plz inform me by my E mail given above. Thanks(A.Chandran.Rtd.Engr)4712

    A.Chandran(R) says

    Dear Sirs( my feed emial dtd4th July 9.41AM I have not recieved proper reply as u promised nor I expected.Secondly in my Email some mistakes r observed in your typing to be corrected.BSNL is the service provider&as per Plan Rs: 499.U.L the Internet speed is mentioned as 256kpbs &on the taskbar bottom right it is written as BSNL 100mbps, can be seen as soon as BSNL icon is opened.Kindly clarify all these facts by reply mail for which i shall be greatful to u.Thanks.(Chandran)9-7-12 639PM(IST)

    Reply says

How it works if in the area yuo live there is no service for this equipment or how it work?

pooja solanki says

till know i had not check it

Will says

11.70Mbps download speed and 4.26 Mbps upload speed

internet speed meter says

I tried this internet speed meter widget and it gives me the accurate result. I really like this website. Thanks mate for sharing something useful.

John says

Its really work nice plz check my charter Speed test tool here hope you like it

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