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Is your IT department ready for Vista roll out?

If you have ever had difficulties in rolling out a new operating system then Vista will be no different.Your organization may opt to wait for roll out.

Windows Vista will be even more complicated to roll out. Of course any rollout will be easier by implementing group
policies for a more centralized control of how users interact with Windows Vista.

First you as an organization will need to decide which version is right for your infrastructure as some features are not available in some of the versions. Personally if you were to ask me I vote for Utlimate.

Most organizations I have spoke with seem to be set on waiting for rollout until service pack one is completed for Windows Vista. This will make it easier as I am sure they will add more features to the operating system.

One thing is a must as an organization….That is planning. When considering roll out for Windows vista this is one thing you cannot do enough of. There are many new security features embedded in Vista that will make this process more complicated than ever.

Be sure to stay on top of any new developments or changes to Vista by subscribing to RSS feeds for the Vista product. If you have a subscription to Microsoft technet you might find implementation and configuration easier.

Good luck and god bless with your implementation.

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