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Lost windows password? Create a password reset disk

If you lose your password in Windows there is an easy way you can change it as long as you run this wizard to create a password reset disk.

Windows Vista & Windows 7 Users:

1. Click on the blue windows button on the bottom left and go to your control panel, then you need to double-click on User Accounts and then you will click one more time on your name.
2. Click “Create a Password Reset Disk” on the left menu.
3. Then just click on the Next button and follow the directions.

Windows XP Users:

1. You need to go to Start/Control Panel/User Accounts/ Your username.
2. Beneath the related tasks on the left you need to click “Prevent a forgotten password”.
3. Then follow the directions.

Now you will have a disk that has your password encrypted onto it. Keep this disk in a safe place and if you ever forget your password to your computer you can just run this disk to instantly gain access. So if you have lost your windows password, just follow these directions to create your password reset disk.

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