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Microsoft update buzz

I recently read an article which was somewhat hazy. The article related to a possible service pack development and trial for Server 2008 beta.

Understanding that Vista and the sevrer product have many similarities including many kernal similarities it left many to propose these updates would be developed and released for the Vista operating system.

Microsoft has been reluctant to say anything on the subject. Of course this is typical and probably best. Usually when people hear about an update it creates a buzz and uproar in hopes that it will fix problems that users are experiencing.

To be honest…it’s better to wait for a completed update. Once again we are already beta testers; Do we really want to beta testers for patches and updates? Of course not, especially considering that beta testing an operating system from installation is much different from beta testing it once you have the machine operating and holding valuable information.

I’m sure the release of sp1 for Vista will come in due time. Of course if you have ever had a bad experience with a service pack then you probably are not so eager to obtain and install such software.

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