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Now you can get computer help online by simply calling a toll free phone number.  Your first minute is free and after that it’s only $1.99 a minute for expert computer help.  You won’t believe how much better your computer will run after spending a few minutes with one of these computer help technicians.

Download Reimage To Automatically Repair Your PC

Computers and crashes kind of go hand in hand.  Everyone who uses a computer will at some point experience a crash or problem of some sort.  Since all of us were not raised clicking on these things we need help with them when we use them to get online and such.

Call for help now:  1-800-935-8127

The How to Guides cover a range of guides on the Windows operating system, various hardware and software, internet tasks, troubleshooting and miscellaneous other PC related tasks including protecting yourself online, upgrading your PC, setting up wired and wireless networks etc.

Don’t we all love something for free? Finding the best freeware takes time and effort. And, very often, Free Downloads come with a sting in the tail. So, we’ve done the work for you with the best in graphics, network, system, security, internet and fun programs.

Whether it’s fixing or customising Windows, getting more performance from your PC or you just getting a list of the Windows CAB files our Tips and Tweaks section is a must visit.

We’ve also put together reviews of some choice hardware and software and looked at which PC related sites are worth visiting. Items reviewed range from power supplies to cases to PCs to u tility programs.

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How-To’s Windows Managing Windows 9x Resources
Getting started with Windows 2000
Dual-booting Windows 9x & Windows 2000
Speed up Windows 2000
Upgrade to Win 98 SE
Clean install Windows
Repairing Windows
Back up System Files
Windows 98 Registry Backup Guide
Device Drivers
Shut Down Background Applications
Multi-Monitor Action
File Types
Managing the Swap File
No more Windows Login
Windows AutoRun
Windows Send-To
Tweaking Windows
Internet Choosing the right ISP
Set up Dial-Up Networking
Set up E-Mail
Choose a browser
Securing your browser
Secure E-Mail
Firewall Protection for PCs
Search the Web
Downloading from the Internet
Internet Connection Sharing
Multi-Player Gaming
Internet Chat
Im-/Exporting Internet Settings
Removing AOL Instant Messenger
Reset IE Content Advisor
Custom HTML signatures
Safe Computing UPS – Uninterruptable Power Supplies
Backing up your data
Virus Protection
PC & Data Safety
Avoiding Spam
Hardware Build Your Own PC
Installing a new video card
Installing IDE Drives
Master Thy Modem
Keeping it cool
Networking Any port in a packet storm
IP Addresses
Home Networking
X-fer Files between PCs
Miscellaneous Troubleshooting Basics
Clean Up Your Hard Drive
Troubleshooting Boot Problems
Understanding the Binary System
Removable Storage Options
The Basics of CD Burning
Advanced CD Burning
Disk Imaging
What is FAT/FAT 32?
Zip Files
CD-ROM Boot Disk
Boot Disk with Zip access
Correcting a slow PC clock
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