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Osama Bin Laden killed

Bin laden

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Osama Bin Laden has been confirmed dead by US officials. Apparently he was killed a week ago in a US bomb attack. The news of Bin Laden’ death has spread over twitter like a brush fire in a match factory.

The US has been searching for him since 2001 for his role in the 911 tragedy and the timing could not be any better with the tenth anniversary of 911 coming up in just a few months.

I had a cousin killed in Afghanistan just a few weeks ago. He was only 20 years old and a really great kid. We would hear of him helping kids over there and riding horses thru the rough terrain with his battle buddies.

I do hope that we can finally bring home many of our young men and women that are in wars overseas since Osama Bin Laden has been killed and it is confirmed.

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JR says

Awesome! Bring our troops home!

Andisiwe says

Osama is dead n am glad

Patrick says

Yeah, this is great! Finally…

But watch out for the spammers:

Din Ali Pirzada says

It is a bundle of lies. Osama was died during 2008 due to illness and burried in Baluchistan. Because the popularity of US President Obama was gradually slipping, he arranged this Drama for the next election and for the timebeing has become HERO. Bush made at about 140 rubish, untruthful statements for example to control the resources of Iraq he said that Saddam has mass destruction weapons but after Iraq’s invasion there were none. So Obama is following the suit of Bush. Nothing else.

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