Cleaning your pc’s registry

We get alot of emails here at PC 911, mostly saying that they absolutely love the site.  Yet some users email us some technical questions.  One of the common questions lately is which registry cleaner should you use?

You should be able to test out your pc for free with your registry cleaner download.  Make sure you are cleaning your temporary internet files and recycle bin now and then.  Also defragment your computer from time to time to make sure you have optimum system performance.

Some software also offers a way to defragment your registry.  This is a nice feature as it lets you shrink the file size of your registry even more.  Some registry cleaners are not exactly what they claim to be.

We recommend you stay away from any of them that claim you have thousands of problems and that they can fix them in 2 seconds.  You need support after the sale.  We recommend one registry cleaner specifically.  It’s called PC Registry Cleaner ironically.

It will help you more than most other tools with your search for complete registry repair.  One of our most recent users emailed us and said this:

Every day I try to work on a Windows XP system that has continually gotten slower and slower for load times. At this point I have no known cause or issue on the machine. I and others have run every diagnostic, virus scan, spyware scan available today and have not found anything significant enough to cause any of the issues I have had with this Windows XP OS.

I recently set up a new user account at the recommendation of a colleague. This has been a week ago that I did this and some things seemed to load faster than they had been on the original user account but everything has now slowed down to a crawl once again. Of course there are always problems after updates.

Maybe Microsoft’s own little way of keeping us on our toes or toying with us? Who knows. I certainly don’t. I’ve been ready to throw this machine out the window for quite some time now.

Don’t even get me started on Internet Explorer, I gave up on that dead horse long ago but even my Mozilla pages and everything else load really slowly these days. I am sure its just the OS. I used Windows 98 FOREVER and never moved up until I got this machine with XP on it. Sure 98 had its problems, but I don’t remember having this many problems with it.

AJ Birdsong

Well AJ, let me first let you know that alot of xp slowdown issues can be solved alot easier than alot of people realize.  Clean up all the junk you can via temporary files, defragmentation, cleaning IE files and recycle bin etc.

Then run a good registry cleaner and reboot your pc and try it out for a couple days.

I bet you will love the results!

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