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Reimage repair

Reimage repair

Reimage is a different kind of repair software. It actually goes through your computer and looks for Windows files that are corrupt or even missing. Then it replaces these files as needed, without touching your information.

After running Reimage your compuer will feel like it is brand new and basically has a fresh installation of Windows but all of your data and programs are still there. It’s just your PC restored to a like new state by using the reimage repair tool.

Using Reimage repair

Using Reimage repair is as easy as it could possibly be. Just install Reimage repair software and follow the commands shown. It is made so that you don’t have to be a computer technician to use it. Using reimage will take about an hour or so to repair your PC.

Download Reimage Here

Is Reimage repair easy to use?

Absolutely. As you know, we don’t recommend products here at PC911 unless they are highly beneficial. This program has helped fix over 1 Million computers worldwide and works with all versions of Windows.

We have even recommended it to our mailing list of thousands of computer users and received literally dozens of really positive feedback. Reimage really does repair your computer instead of just cleaning your registry like so many other so called repair tools. This is the only tool I know of that actually replaces missing and corrupt Windows files. I easily fixed my aunt’s computer when a virus took it over. We managed to run reimage and it took over and removed the virus, replaced the Windows files that the virus had damaged and after it was finished the computer worked like brand new. This is the program you have been looking for to repair any windows problems without having to reinstall.

Download Reimage Here

I have used it to fix my workstation PC twice over the course of 2 years and it saved me from having to reinstall Windows. Normally this workstation gets so much beta version software installed on it that it needs to be reformatted every 6 months or so. Now instead of reinstalling Windows you can just run Reimage repair and let it do its magic.

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admin says

I have used Reimage personally over a dozen times on a few different computers and every time it is a wonderful experience. It has always fixed every problem including once I had a virus that deleted the task manger entirely. I ran this Reimage repair software and about 30 minutes later it was fixed.

I drank coffee and watched it fix everything. We highly recommend this tool.


Reimage repair man says

I was hesitant about getting Reimage but it turned out to be a really awesome tool. It repaired some weird problems with my pc that have been there since some spyware took over. I wish Reimage was a little cheaper but next time I’ll get several keys as they are cheaper if you buy several repair keys at once.

Mary Spear says

You repaired my computer and I got an e-mail saying
that my report is ready for me to get oline. How do I
get this report?

Colin says

When Reimage first came out it was a little flaky but as time has gone on they have continually improved the product plus adding Windows Vista and Windows 7 support and a few months ago I decided to give Reimage another go.

I have to say I have been really impressed with this product and it made a fine job of repairing a trial desktop PC which had a flagging Windows 7 installation causing me lots of problems.

Reimage completed the repair in just over 1 hour and the PC has continued to work smoothly ever since.

This is most definitely the easiest PC repair tool I have come across and certainly beats performing a complete Windows reinstall. It will now be my first port of call in all future Windows installation repairs.

Michael McKinnon says

I’m having this nightmare alone with all others re: wmplayer 11, but that’s not my problem everytime I boot up I get this box saying RtBtMnt.exe can’t be found and SETUPAPI.DLL is missing. I don’t have any idea of what’s going on and neither does microsofts best. I’ persoanlly added that damn .dll myself from the disk and Nothing. I takes over four clicks during start-up to get rid of it an anger making delay. Anyone ever fix this problem. I’ve tried a up-grade reinstall to no avail. HELP!

keverett says

I had a nasty form of the FBI Hijack Virus, the version that wouldn’t let you log in with safe mode. I had no other accounts set up to login with, either. Struggled with it for days with no avail. Finally, a ray of hope. Although I couldn’t get the usb version to pick up under UBCD4, I did manage to stay logged in after disabling my internet link…. I notice that the virus never kicked in until after my wireless hooked up. At any rate, I read the reviews and comments, took a chance and bought the full version of Reimage and it blew through the virus with no problem. Every thing works great now. The computer with the issue is a 13 year old workstation laptop that I use for CAd work and it was killing me that it was essentially dead. The Cad program won’t work without word from the mfg website. Now it works better than ever. Great program, I bought the 3-pack and put it on all 3 of my computers.

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