3dfx Voodoo3 3000

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Rating: Very good


Well, I bought this card for a VERY good price. I ripped open the box and popped it into my computer. It replaced my aging S3 card. I got it in, started up Half-Life, and the difference was huge! I used to average a unplayable 16 FPS in 1024×768. Now with the V3 it kicks out an average of 50-60FPS in 1024×768.

The image quality is nice. I have a Sony 17″ Trinitron Multiscan 17sf, and I run it at about 1280×1024 in Windows. The image is nice and crisp.

It is also a very nice card for DVD decoding, nice picture, and very fluent.

The only drawbacks to the card is that it does not have TRUE 32bit processing, it can only do 16bit and that can cut back on the quality. For example, the current ATI Radeon cards give a very crisp, almost meticulous picture, but it does 64bit processing, and in games does it at a great frame rate.

Due to the acquisition of 3Dfx by nvidia I would not suggest you go and buy this card. But if you are tied for cash, big time, and want to spend no more than 80 bucks, then this is your card. However, if you are willing to spend in the $100-150+ range, I would suggest the Geforce2 MX, because this card has many more options, e.g. TV-out, Dualhead etc.

I would personally give this card a 76% – nice and reliable, but not for you weekend warriors.

Submitted by: Brent Ruggles

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